Twice this week I have finished the lunch ride drenched in sweat. The heat is here, and that’s bad news for someone like me that prefers cooler temperatures. But there is a positive. It’s making for perfect evenings on the patio, especially when a cold beer is in hand. Two Evil’s Geyser Gose is a perfect warm-weather patio beer. It is a collaboration brew between Evil Twin and Two Roads Brewing (hence Two Evil). I have not had many (any?) beers from Two Roads, but I am familiar with Evil Twin, and they are definitely not known for common and boring beers.   This beer is no exception and ups the typical gose flavor profile while adding some unique twists. The beer pours an opaque yellow with a white head. The head only makes a brief appearance. The nose immediately picks up on the tartness of the beer and also detects hints of apricot and orange marmalade. The beer is a bit salty on the lips. As it hits the tongue there is an initial orange sweetness on the front of the tongue that is soon washed away by the beer’s tartness. The sides of the tongue detect a more gentle sourness which combines with the early sweetness to give a flavor similar to a lime-aid. The middle of the tongue detects a distinct saltiness. The mouth waters with the combination of the saltiness and sourness. The late sourness is a bit more bitter and lemony as the sweetness has faded. However, the aftertaste is not dominated by the lemon sourness, but rather by a lingering lime flavor on the sides of the tongue. Two Evil Geyser Gose The beer is overall lively and refreshing. It leans more towards the medium-light side thanks to a 5.5% ABV which is a bit high for the style, but I feel is just right for this beer. The carbonation, tartness, and cleanness of the beer combine to give it a champagne quality. Being a great patio beer does not mean it’s bad for the trail. The beer comes in 16 oz cans which are outdoors friendly, and it would make a nice camp beer though the tartness seems more pronounced when the beer is cooler. Geyser Gose goes for about 12 bucks for a four pack. Grab one, chill it down, and chill out. No matter what your favorite way to beat the heat is, Geyser Gose will be a refreshing addition.
Alex writes a beer review every other Friday. Two weeks ago he reviewed the Wiseacre Brewing Company’s Gotta Get Up To Get Down Coffee Milk Stout Gotta Get Up To Get Down Coffee Milk Stout

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