Choosing calories to fuel your ride can prove to be a very personal decision. Some people enjoy bars, whether it be candy, Cliff Bars, BoBo Bars, Kate’s Bars, or those delicious Kind Bars. Others prefer whole foods like mixed nuts, fruit, maybe even sandwiches. While some of these items pack better than others, there is no right or wrong food for your bikepacking trip. Trail ButterWhen it comes to power, protein, fat and energy it’s hard to pass up nut butters. Jeff Boggess was on a trip traveling back to his home of California from Germany. He was rummaging through his pannier when he had a realization to mix all of his half empty jars and bags of food that were taking up so much space all into one bag. This spontaneous happenstance has turned into something wonderful – Trail Butter. Jeff and his brother have created a perfect packable snack not only for bikepacking, but perfect for just about any trailside activity. untitled shoot-04537Trail Butter comes in 3 different flavors: Ozark Original, Mountaineer Maple, and Expedition Espresso. Each flavor contains an all natural “Triple Nut Blend” of almonds, peanuts, and hazelnuts. On top of their unique and intentional nut blend each flavor has a unique twist, whether it be the energy boosting ground coffee and dark chocolate in the Expedition Espresso, the addicting maple syrup, cashews, and flax seeds in the Mountaineer Maple, or the tasty cranberries, chocolate chips, and pumpkin seeds in the Ozark Original. IMG_9132Each flavor is gluten free, and provides a boost of energy whether you eat it straight out of the package, mix it in your oatmeal, or spread it on top of an apple or a Honey Stinger waffle. We found it really tastes well with almost anything. A delicious gluten free snack for the family, your bikepacking crew, or just for yourself. The unique 4.5 ounce soft package that we tested proved to fit perfectly in our top tube bag as it easily forms to any shape. After a bit of kneading to the packaging, the simple twist of the top cap and a squeeze of the package you will be enjoying your flavor of choice in seconds. If you plan on eating it all at once, each package opens at the top with a easy open rip top. The packaging proved to be very durable too, which is important as the spread could create quite the mess in your top tube bag if it punctured. Trail ButterThe Trail Butter packs a punch considering the size. The Mountain Maple Contains 200 calories per serving, 180 for the Expedition Espresso and 170 for the Ozark Original. Each package contains 4 servings. That is 800 calories for the Mountain Maple and it can easily fit in your hand. Trail Butter 4.5oz packaging just got a new look, but the blends remain the same. If you are looking for a superfood that packs a punch, stores well, and taste delicious, it is hard to beat Trail Butter. Each package runs for $4.99. If you find the flavor you like you can purchase 6 for $28.99, or you can order the variety pack, 2 of each flavor, for the same price. Head over to their website for more nutrition information and to purchase your Trail Butter, you wont regret it.


  1. They also have 1oz squeeze packets out in PDX now and coming soon to the website. Also try the exploreo (expedition espresso on an “oreo” of your choosing) it’s more energy than a line of coke!

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