Tour De Los Padres is a bikepacking route that traverses through some of the most scenic areas of the Southern Los Padres National Forest. Elevations along the route range from sea level to 8,300 feet.  This expedition is a true test of physical endurance, but most importantly mental stamina. The risks are plenty but so are the rewards.  You will ride forested singletrack, see ancient Chumash paintings, and get to camp in some of the most remote backcountry California has to offer. 
Photos Erin Carroll and Roland Sturm

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What to Know

Start: The start of the route is at Big John’s Cafe, at 3121 Mt. Pinos Way, Frazier Park, California. If you plan on riding the route, join others on April 17th*, 2015 at 8:30am. Frazier Park sits at 4,639 ft and is only 5 miles west of Lebec and interstate 5. *The route is notrideable during or after a significant storm event.  If there is any significant storm before or around this date, the start date will be postponed to the next available Friday (April 17 or 24).

The Trail: The route is extremely diverse climbing coastal mountains and plains while making your way to the town of Santa Barbara. The majority of the route is dirt roads (%60), singletrack (%20) and pavement (%20). The route is very difficult to navigate without a GPS unit. This information can be found on the TDLP website.

Camping: There are a vast amount of formal campgrounds and back country campgrounds along the route. See waypoints on website for more information.

Weather: Weather in early April can range from freezing to 85 degrees along various locations of the route.  The route is pretty much unrideable during the summer due to extreme heat.  Fall can be nice, but water sources can be scarce.  Winter can be very cold and wet. Resupply: Pine Mountain Club and Ventucopa (both on the first day). No other resupply along the route, however natural water along the route is usually plentiful during the spring season.


Tour De Los Padres Website
Roland Sturm Race Report
Frazier Park Weather,6249.0

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  1. Just finished the shorter less technical tour route (147 mi. vs +/- 300 mi. for the proper route) in 2 days (23 hrs riding time). It was still an amazing route and was such a pleasure to explore some of the back country that’s in my own back yard, but I’ve never seen before. Gorgeous route. Probably go for the full route next year. Still a few guys finishing as I type this, and man, are they going to be ready for a cold one! Viva la Tour De Los Padres!

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