Aotearoa [ ouˌtāəˈrōə ] is the name of the country of New Zealand in the native tongue, Maori.  The literal translation of Aetearoa is “land of the long white cloud”. The Tour Aotearoa is your chance to head to kiwi country, take in the scenery on two wheels, and ride with a number of like-minded folks on this 3000 km brevet touring the length of New Zealand. The Brevet is set to start in February of 2016, but has already stirred up a great deal of interest in the bikepacking and touring communities. Starting in Cape Reinga, the northern most point in New Zealand, and ending at the southern most point in Bluff – this ride is going to see a variety of terrain and climates while traveling through one of the least densely populated nations on Earth. touraotearoa The exact route has not yet been finalized as several sections of trail are still currently being constructed. However, the brevet will follow a similar route to the one described at the back of Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails. Brevet director Jonathan Kennett has set this ride in classic bikepacking fashion – no entry fee, no prizes, and fully self-supported to make for an overall unforgettable experience that will take anywhere from 15-30 days to complete. The Tour Aotearoa will most likely be a one-off event – so don’t hold off with the excuse that “maybe you’ll do it the second year” as the chance to do it with a group may be a once in a lifetime opportunity. The tour will have two brevette options with your choice to ride either the North Island section or the South Island section. These shorter options make up roughly 1500 km each. If you can’t take a full month off work – you can still participate in this highly anticipated event by completing one of these shorter brevettes. With the route being obsessively crafted to perfection as we speak, Tour Aotearoa will be the event of a lifetime. 

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  1. In the Kennett bros book, they describe the gravel road from dargaville to pouto point as being 5km of gravel. The gravel portion is over 25 km and is loose gravel. It’s a difficult ride.

  2. Keith Sherman

    The other 2,975 km is all exactly as described though. Promise. 🙂

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