Ian Barrington does it again with a fantastic video that is sure to spark your wanderlust. An overnight bikepacking trip in Gower, South Wales features lush forests and sandy beaches while taking Ian through beautiful coastal terrain. Along with the Highland Trail Race Video, Ian has documented a handful of other excellent bikepacking adventures that can be seen on his site here.


  1. Absolutely love it!

    Great filming ideas coupled with hard work have led to an inspirational video. (I’ve never wanted a fatbike before.)

    To improve, you’ll need a film crew.

  2. Really inspired video. A great mix of camera POV’s. Not just your typical strap-a-camera-on-and-go video this is. Are you aware of Gary Buckham’s videos? He has a You Tube page. Like yours, there’s a lot of the landscape, and place in his videos. Thanks for posting this video! Please make more!

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