For riders who live in the Northern Hemisphere, fat bike season is quickly approaching. Here is a short teaser previewing a full length film coming from Another Horizon about an unbelievable journey through the Canadian Arctic in the dead of winter. 

From the filmmaker and rider himself: 

“In early 2016 I cycled through Canada’s frozen north to the Arctic Sea, in doing so completing the second continent of my bicycle ride around the world. It was a journey dreamt up in the arid deserts of the Chilean Atacama a year earlier, but realising this dream was to be a far greater challenge than I had ever imagined. As I my latitude grew ever greater and the mercury fell below -30C, I discovered what it truly means to travel alone in this great emptiness.”

Follow his journey:
Instagram: another.horizon


  1. Holy S…. Thats brutal.

  2. That was HEAVY. I’m super intrigued to see the full length film now.

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