Finding the proper technical gear for your bikepacking adventure can prove to be difficult. Many times I am stuck searching for cycling specific clothing, and often times I am disappointed with what cycling specific brands have to offer. Really it’s simple, I’m looking for wicking and fast drying qualities, something that is light, and of course comfortable. Stio Divide LS Polo These days it is important to find a company that is dedicated in making functional and appropriate outdoor apparel for your specific activity. A company that prides themselves in making technical, versatile and stylish clothing that translates from work to play is important. Born in the Tetons, Stio fits that bill with their cycling line. A clothing line that not only fits all of the above qualities, but looks good too! I have been pretty picky as to what I wear on my adventure races, but those have been over for a while now. Early this fall I found an extremely comfortable set up for more laid back trips. Although not much different than my race setup, it’s a bit more comfortable; bibs, baggy shorts, base layer, baggy wicking t-shirt, and a wicking long sleeve. Fall weather in the 4-corners area can get pretty chilly so having a technical long sleeve layer is important. The Stio Mens Divide LS Polo may not look like a technical option but it very much is. This long sleeve 3 button polo is made out of 85% polyester and 15% cotton. The shirt is made using Drirelease® fabric which gives the shirt its technical ability to keep shape, not shrink, and wick moisture. Along with FreshGuard®, the garment will wick 4x faster than cotton which gives it the ability to deter odor.  Stio Divide LS Polo The Mens Divide LS Polo was a staple on two recent overnights where temperatures were relatively cool. The shirt proved to be a great option to wear in the cool mornings. When temperatures started to rise, I would pull the stretchy cuffs up my arms and it would stay put. Even in some rugged terrain where I would get jarred around the sleeve would stay put on my forearm. Mid morning to early afternoon, the temperatures would rise and it would be time to take off the shirt. The 6 ounce shirt easily packs in the size of my hand, making it easy to stuff in my handlebar bags (where I carry all my layers) or even in my frame bag for easy access in the afternoon. Stio Divide LS Polo The overall feel of the shirt is what seems to be the biggest positive in my eyes. It’s baggy, yet slightly fitted so that the warmth stays in. It easily transitions from riding to the restaurant after the trip without others knowing you were in the brush for the past 3 days. After washing the shirt a few times it has shown no signs of shrinking. I’m 5’10 and usually wear a medium…it was true to size. There were two small downsides to the shirt. When the bottom button is not buttoned, the top of the shirt tends to be a bit baggy as the weight of the collar makes the shirt fall differently. I also noticed that the front chest pocket would fill with air when biking, creating a small distraction while pedaling, but nothing major. Stio Divide LS Polo Overall, the Mens Divide LS Polo may not be JUST meant for cycling but it works, and it works especially well for bikepacking because of its technical features, fit, weight, pack size, and style. A company that prides itself on quality products, with Stio’s guarantee is another bonus. I’m pleased with the brand and their products. I’m excited to make future purchases, not just in their cycling line. Stio Mens Divide LS Polo is available in blue, green, brown, and red, and is available in sizes small to large. The shirt is $68.00 retail and can be found on their website or at their storfront in Jackson Hole, Wy. For the ladies check out the Divide Henley 

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