Stagecoach 400 The Hub Cyclery was basecamp for the weekend. Stagecoach 400 The shop is in a perfect location just outside of downtown Idyllwild. Stagecoach 400 The shop was stocked full of goodies for racers last minute need. The Hub ships bikepacking gear out on a daily basis. Stagecoach 400 Mary’s 2008 Tour Divid Rig. The Soft Tail Siren Song. Stagecoach 400 A signed Ride the Divide poster. Stagecoach 400 Bike art by Paul Klaine Stagecoach 400 The Stagecoach route sharpied in on a large map of SoCal is hanging up in their shop. Stagecoach 400 Shop Owner Brendan Collier’s credentials. Stagecoach 400 A rad bike shop to say the least. Stagecoach 400 Ride Fast…Live Slow. The board that shares it all. DSC02422 The temperatures were a bit warm for this time of the year. This would create total chaos on day one in the desert. 70 degrees in the mountains mean 90s in the desert.   Some bikes from Thursday’s pre-ride meeting. DSC02432 DSC02433 DSC02434 DSC02435 DSC02436 DSC02437 DSC02438 DSC02440 DSC02441 DSC02442 DSC02443 DSC02444 DSC02445 Meeting with the fellow riders and getting some direction from Mary and Brendan. DSC02447 DSC02448 DSC02450 DSC02454 DSC02455 DSC02457   Fast forward to Sunday… DSC02461 Tristin DNFed, but was a huge part of the Cabooze Crew congratulating riders as they came in. DSC02463 Ben DeWitt stuffing face after finishing at 1:15pm on Sunday giving him 4th place. DSC02470 The Cabooze Crew in between finishes, only a laugh or two were had. Stagecoach 400 The finish line… Stagecoach 400 Erick Lord cruising in at 5:55pm, good for 5th place. Stagecoach 400 Erick was a bit beat up, as everyone was. DSC02510 Jeff Fischer coming in at 7:05pm for 6th. Stagecoach 400 Riders were greeted with plenty of beer. Stagecoach 400 Jeff had to shift between his big and little chainring with his had after his front derailleur fell apart. Stagecoach 400 Rest stop. DSC02535 The Hub was a fantastic place to host a finish, whether it was open or closed. Stagecoach 400 Blake Bockius crossing the finish line. Stagecoach 400 Blake chatting with Erick. Blake finished with a time of 62 hours and 30 minutes. Blake celebrated his birthday Friday riding in 100 degree temperatures. As of now, Blake plans on riding all 5 of the bikepacking events in the state of California. Stagecoach 400 Daniel Jessee coming in at 8:54am on Monday. 12th place DSC02632 Michael Grosso lost his sunglasses, had GPS issues and bruised his seat bones pretty bad,  but he came out a finisher. He took a lot of time off last years ride, finishing at 8:05 am on Monday for 13th place. Stagecoach 400 Tim Sheeper and Matt Ford finished together, this was their first bikepacking adventure. Stagecoach 400 Tim Sheeper found some foam in a curb and decided to tape it to his saddle. He would purchase a more forgiving saddle in San Diago. Many riders had saddle sore issues. Stagecoach 400 Troy Hopwood cruised in to Idyllwild just before sun set on Monday. Troy who will be competing in this years tour divide was greeted by his family. Stagecoach 400 Until next year….

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