We are big advocates of multi-sport adventures, be it biking and rafting, biking and climbing or even biking to go skiing. It opens opportunities that many think are not possible, and better yet, clears up busy trailheads, and reduces carbon emissions. This wonderful short by Camcraft Studios captures just that as Marcin Gmerek jumps on his fixed gear bike, and straps his split board and boots to his backpack. 

The name SPLIXIE comes from two unusual disciplines. A “splitboard” is a type of snowboard which has been cut in half and fitted with skins, allowing the rider to ascend uphill, and then put the board together and slide down the slope. A “fixed gear bike”, commonly known as “fixie”, is a classical track racing bike without brakes and gears. Combining the names of these two disciplines gives us a new word – SPLIXIE. However, doing both of them in one day and in a coordinated fashion requires something more than just the right equipment.1 Splixie RB


  1. Someone get him a skimo suit. Two sports, one outfit!

  2. That was sick! When I used to live up in Steamboat (CO) I built a rack for my townie much like a surfboard rack for a bike to carry my splitboard or snowboard. What an awesome challenge and accomplishment it was to ride to the mountain, climb up, and earn your descent’s all from human power. Rad video!!

  3. Great video. In Vancouver some of my friends (happen to be Slovaks and Bosnians) put touring skis on bike and bike up to Mt Seymour. Then lock bikes and ski up to some peaks. It’s very challenging! You have to be really fit.

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