Daniel Burton became the first fat biker to reach the southern most point on the surface of the Earth. Daniel started at Hercules Inlet, on December 2nd,  and made it to the South Pole today, January 21st. Only a few have attempted this truly epic route, but Daniel is the only one to complete the 750 mile trek on a bike. Daniel has a special satellite phone to keep everyone up to date with his expedition. Today on his blog, he wrote “When I saw it, I was so overcome with joy! I called home to my wife and lost all control of my emotions.” Rightfully so, the 50 day expedition was self supported (with ration drops), and he spent the majority of his time alone, including Christmas and his 50th birthday.
south pole epic
Image courtesy of epicsouthpole.blogspot.com

“When I saw it, I was so overcome with joy!”

Better yet, Daniel defied the odds on a carbon fiber fat bike called the Yampa. The Yampa is designed by Borealis Cycles out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. A bit of a conundrum, as Borealis is usually associated with the North. The full “South Pole Epic” is intended to be an out-and-back expedition to the South Pole and back to Hercules Inlet, stretching a total of 1,500 miles.  On Januray 17th, Daniel posted to his blog that he planned to only do the one-way, 750 mile trek…”Only 46.4 miles to the South Pole, and then I’m going to quit. I am so tired and ready to finish this”.  Nonetheless, a 750 mile ride from Hercules Inlet to South 90 degrees 00.000 is a major accomplishment and an inspiration to all. WAY TO GO DANIEL!


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