So it begins! A full two days late with my fundraising goal at the halfway mark, which is a good thing, by the way, I am finally embarking on Brian’s Ride down Route 66. I could spend this entire post kvetching about why I am leaving late *cough FedEx Ground cough* I would instead like to take this time to do something far more important:

I’d like to thank a few people, without whom this entire thing wouldn’t have been possible. Because it’s far, far better to look at the best parts of the journey than the crappy parts. And then as I progress down Route 66 we will go back to our regularly scheduled program of photography, action and adventure! Or at least 2 out of 3. We’ll see which ones surface. 😉

Many, many thanks, in no clear order, to:
  • Justin Julian and Mike Riemer of Salsa Cycles, for their friendship, encouragement and backing. Zack and the entire crew at Huckleberry Bikes for making their shop the home base for Brian’s Ride. as well as the Adventure Cycling Association and Nemo Equipment for the maps and the killer tent!! Here in Chicago Bailey at Comrade Cycles has been a HUGE help during this FedEx Delay. Thanks, man. You are amazing!
  • On the photography side…Ron (aka LotoPhoto), James Guerin, Jason Boucher, Errin Vasquez, Mary Celojko, James Merithew, Kerry Staite, Wendy Argabright and many others for their guidance, advice and feedback as I did my best to learn a kind of photography that is completely foreign to me.
  • My employer, Pantheon Systems, and everyone who works there.
  • Kit Wong for countless acts of generosity and friendship.
  • Amanda Klimek for her help with the fundraiser. Ted Hoppe and Errin Vasquez for all the work they did on the fundraising video, which is flat out amazing!
  • Every single person who has donated or spread the word about Brian’s Ride. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  • My son, Adam, for being the amazing kid he is.
  • The love of my life, Heather, who checks, encourages, supports, pushes and does so many other things for me. I couldn’t do it without you, love.
  • My family, all of you. Both sides, near and far. Cancer has hit all of you so very hard. It breaks my heart.
  • These two…my folks. They are the kindest, most supportive, amazing people around.

Kevan Mathy, my cousin who is a cancer survivor, said to me on Saturday night, “Hey. Don’t forget, while you’re out there, that you’re riding for Brian but you’re also riding for the people like me who wake up, every day, and look in the mirror, amazed that they’re still alive.”

Absolutely, Kevan. Absolutely! 

And on that note, I just started my ride across Route 66. Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. I should be a good one! You can track me live by clicking on this link. 

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