The Smoke ‘n’ Fire is a unique dirt loop that starts and ends in Boise, Idaho. The Smoke ‘n’ Fire route travels through remote areas, however, there are sufficient resupply opportunities available.  Besides the physical challenge there are mental challenges to this route and it is also a great test of your bikepacking kit and gear.  Photos by: Rob Huguez, Kurt Schneider and Norb DeKerchove

smokeN'fire (stats)

What to Know

Start: The route starts and finishes in downtown Boise, in historic Hyde Park at 13th and Eastman. The Capitol City of Idaho sits at the southwest corner of the state at 2,700ft. Boise has many interesting things to do, attractions to see, and a relaxed and inviting vibe. smokenfireThere are numerous restaurants and bars and distinctive local microbrews throughout the city to keep you occupied before and after the race.   The Trail: The route traverses some of Idaho’s diverse geography on two-track, big gravel, dirt forest service roads, singletrack, and some paved roads. Typically the route is run in a counterclockwise direction starting on the Greenway Belt.   Camping: The options to camp are endless. You will find yourself in a beautiful river or lake setting with either primitive camping or in an improved campsite that you will most likely have all to yourself.   There are even a couple hotel options if that’s how you roll.   Weather: Typically warm days with nighttime temps below freezing depending on the season. September in Idaho is amazing!  The weather is generally great – clear and warm during the day and chilly at night, but it can also be fickle and unpredictable.  The trees are starting to change colors and there are fewer people in the backcountry which leads to more wildlife roaming around.   Resupply: Several resupply options directly on the route. Idaho is a water rich state and much of the route winds along crystal clear rivers, pristine streams and clear lakes. You will stay hydrated. A few town to note are Pine, Featherville, Ketchum, Stanley, Garden Valley and Placerville. Resources: Smoke ‘n’ Fire Website BPM: 2014 Race Recap BPM: Smoke and fire


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