When you think of a word that describes a beer that is effervescent and light in color and body, you tend to think of a lager. Well, Ska has a different idea for you – a “logger” beer. A beer that tastes great, and tastes even better after a long day of working with a chainsaw. If you are the type of person who, lets hope no one is, enjoys drinking Bud Light or Miller Light – I encourage you to spend the extra couple of dollars for this canned beauty. The Ska Mexican Logger pours a beautiful golden color with a nice sudsy white head. The aroma is that of a zesty hops with grassy notes. Upon first taste, you will get a simple citrus flavor followed by a subtle hint of grass. The fact that you can buy it canned makes it extremely friendly to bikepackers who like to kick back while in the field. IMG_8860 This refreshing brew pairs well with green salads topped in creamy dressings, and cream based soups. I, however, ate it with homemade chicken pesto pizza and it was a delight. Don’t get me wrong, this beer is not extremely superior, however, if you are thinking along the lines of PBR or Bud Light, this is a MUCH better choice. As stated on the Ska website, “If you are a closet Pacifico drinker during the warmer weather then seek this one out. It is a far better brew.” Taste –  7/10 Aroma – 6/10 Bikepacker friendly – 10/10

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