I had every intention of writing a stout review, or at the least, a not IPA review.  I was planning on picking up a four-pack or sixer from either Prairie or Coop from Oklahoma and tying that in to the fact that registration for the Land Run opens this weekend.  But the best laid plans, as they say…  Mine went awry when I saw a new beer from Sixpoint.  The 2015 Sensi Wet Hop Ale from them was a beer I just could not pass up. Pop the can and prepare for an .  The aroma is both potent and pleasant.  Even with a partially plugged nose, I could still smell this beer from a few feet away as I poured.  The aroma is highly floral and pleasing.  There are a few beers whose aromas clearly stand out in my mind, and this one has now joined the list.  The tropical and floral notes are so rousing that they almost make you not want to drink them away.  There are citrus notes as well, and even a slight underlying sweetness.   Sixpoint Sensi The beer pours a beautiful slightly ruby orange.  The cream-colored head atop the liquid is thick and resistive to parting.  Each bubble burst seems to be yet another release of what is one of the most enjoyable beer aromas I have smelled. The beer is a little light, especially considering the 6.4% ABV, but the contribution from the wet hop addition is so pronounced that the mouth is quite surprised by the flavors and overlooks the lightness.  The front of the tongue is immediately awakened by a flooding of flavors and simultaneously surprised by the muted bitterness.  Expecting this beer to kick hard up front, the mouth is shocked when the initial flavors are more that of sweet fruit such as pineapple and peach.  The middle of the tongue detects a slight change as the hop bite starts to come through.  The long finish really sees the transformation from a floral character to a lingering piney aftertaste that just won’t quit.  This beer has really done an outstanding job of segregating the wet hop flavor notes from those of the bittering hops allowing both to shine and has created a highly complex beer.   Sixpoint Sensi, like the number of spots in the Land Run, is limited.  So grab a six-pack for around 11 bucks and sip on one Saturday morning as you sign up.  Perhaps we can raise a glass together in Stillwater in March.   Cheers, Alex Bikepacker Friendliness: (love the can size, but they are fairly thin) 8/10 Aroma: (unforgettable) 11/10 Flavor: (a nice, floral surprise)  9/10 Style-Appropriateness: (a good contribution from the wet hop addition) 9/10

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