Everyone loves a good nooner. Hey! Get your mind out of the gutter! I’m talking about an unforgettable afternoon experience on a sweet, unique, and spicy section of singletrack. A trail that is out of the ordinary, one that doesn’t feel like the rest, maybe one that tastes different than the other trails you’ve accessed. If the Sierra Nevada Nooner Pilser were a trail, it would be the one above. Think about any other pilsner you’ve brought home, or had at the bar, and be rest assured that the Nooner is rather different. It feels different, tastes different, and is definitely out of the ordinary.
It is widely known that Sierra Nevada knows what they are doing when it comes to brewing beer. They prove themselves once again with the Nooner. This beer takes a hoppy and crisp spin on the original pilsner style. Although it takes on the characteristic of the easy drinking brew that a pilsner typically is, it is chock-full of big flavors. The Nooner has a pleasant smell, and holds a head for a good length of time. With a hoppy taste, but nothing overpowering, the Nooner would be an excellent choice for someone who likes flavorful beers, but not something dark or extremely hoppy. Sierra Nevada pairs this beer with cured ham and gruyere grilled cheese, wood grilled Mahi Mahi, portobello mushroom and spring pea pasta. Personally, I enjoyed this beer with tortilla chips and organic medium spice salsa and it was a delicious combination. Bikepacker Friendly – 9 (glass and cans) Style Appropriateness – 7 (very different than a standard pilsner) Aroma – 8 Flavor – 9  

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