Bikepackers can rejoice after Shimano has release more bikepacking specific mountain bike shoes. Shimano has just released 17 new shoe models, including DH, Gravity, BMX, as well as adventure and winter shoes. Shimano now flaunts an impressive 71 shoe collection to suit your specific needs. Check out the press release below for details on 3 new specific adventure models. _________ ADVENTURE CYCLISTS JUST GOT AN ADVENTURE SHOE DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR THE PURPOSE For the all-conditions adventurer Shimano is introducing a new Mountain Touring footwear line featuring two new models, the XM9 and the XM7. Designed by and for serious explorers looking to push the limits of their endurance, these shoes are tailored to the dynamic, rugged terrain encountered in adventure cycling. Perfect for changing altitude and climate conditions without sacrificing mobility or comfort.

XM9: A multi-season, all-condition adventure shoe, ruggedly built for any adventure on or off the bike with its high-ankle protection and walking support, the XM9 takes on the appearance of a hiking boot rather than a traditional cycling shoe. But don´t let that fool you. With its mini power retaining strap, ideal combination of lightweight, waterproof fabrics and high-grip sole you can be sure this stable platform is designed with your cycling adventures firmly in mind.

SH-XM900-SG_S_S1 Strategic ankle padding prevents debris from entering the shoe and offers more ankle support than a regular cycling shoe without interfering with pedaling movement. Further protection from the elements comes in the form of a durable rubber toe cap, natural nubuck leather and a breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex® liner for optimal climate comfort. Traditional laces provide the closure system with metal hook eyelets for lacing, combined with a Mini Power Strap, TPU heel, and cupped and grooved insole to secure your foot in the shoe. With a Vibram outsole, flexible half-length shank plate and shock absorbing EVA, the XM9 is a serious cycling shoe that lets you traverse rugged terrain with added confidence. Weighing 1070g, the AM9 is best matched with Shimano’s M8020 or T780 pedals.

XM7: Durable cross-mountain adventure shoes for comfort, protection and walking stability When you want to retain the look of a trekking trainer the XM7 is the answer. Designed for riders who are likely to spend as much time off the bike as on it, the XM7 delivers the best of both worlds; a shoe that is happy to spend all day providing your feet with the optimum cycling and walking combination.

SH-XM700-SG_A_S2 Natural Nubuck leather and a reinforced rubber toe box provide protection and durability, whilst a Gore-Tex® liner allows your feet to breathe. Much like the XM9, a Vibram® outsole provides excellent grip and a flexible half-length shank plate and shock absorbing EVA delivers outdoor walkability in all conditions. The lace closure system with its Velcro cross-foot top loop-strap provides a snug fit and allows laces to be tucked away. Without the ankle support the XM7 drops its weight to 870g (size 40). And much like the XM9, it is best matched with M8020 pedals. Both the XM9 and XM7 come with a screw-in plastic cap for the recessed SPD cleat. This multi-functional cap is designed for use with flat pedals but is designed to fit an SPD pedal for those who want to get used to the cleat entry and exit action before committing. The cap simply unscrews when you’re ready to add Shimano’s SPD cleats. From carrying bikes and heavy loads up technical trails to bombing down snow covered trails, these XM9 and XM7 Cross Mountain shoes will have all your adventure cycling needs covered.

MW7: ENJOY RIDING THROUGHOUT WINTER WITH THE NEW SHIMANO MW7 SHOE If you’re the type of rider who laughs in the face of an ‘off-season’ the new Shimano MW7 is the shoe for you. A new addition in Shimano’s off-road shoe line-up, these tough, insulated and waterproof boots are fleece-lined for serious protection from wintery rain and brutally cold wind.

SH-MW700-SL_A_S2 With their waterproof GORE-TEX® insulated comfort liner and heat-retaining fleece lined insole you’ve got two extra layers of defense against the weather and two less excuses for not riding this winter. The MW7 features Shimano’s Torbal torsional midsole giving you a stiff instep section and an independently flexible front and back section. This gives the foot a natural flow for descents and also provides you with efficient power transfer to the areas of the foot that need it most. Meanwhile high-traction rubber studs on the outer edges of the sole ensure excellent traction on a wide variety of terrains and conditions. Of course, the demanding nature of trail riding requires not only a highly effective sole but a protective upper section too. The MW7´s molded toe cap and ankle support, cupped high sole and instep, and tough, padded synthetic leather surround protects the foot from on-trail basketball-shaped rocks. Lacing is taken care of with speed-lacing pull-cord and Velcro armored lace shield to ensure a quick and secure fit. Although the MW7 has been designed specifically for the enduro/trail riders to be used with the M8020 SPD pedals, with its high comfort rating, high visibility reflective design and lightweight 832g the MW7 can also be combined with other SPD pedals and everyday clothing to make a discreet and practical winter commuter shoe. Wherever you choose to ride it, the MW7 is a tough, insulated, comfortable and waterproof shoe, designed to be used and abused in the worst of conditions.

All three models will be available this fall: MW7 in September and XM7/XM9 in October.


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