Salsa Cycles has created a comprehensive printed booklet to aid people who are looking to get into the sport of bikepacking. This guide breaks down the essential aspects of bikepacking including route planning, planning for food and water resupplies and gear choices along with tales from the trails by their knowledgeable sponsored athletes. Read more about the booklet in their press release below. Click photos to enlarge
Press Release – July 13, 2015 Salsa Cycles is pleased to announce the publication of their first book, The Bikepacker’s Guide, written by Salsa sponsored athletes Kaitlyn Boyle and Kurt Refsnider, with additional tips and stories from Casey Greene, Cass Gilbert, and Eszter Horanyi. The Bikepacker’s Guide is the first comprehensive guidebook for backcountry mountain bike bikepacking. Refsnider and Boyle have a vast resume of bikepacking accomplishments. Additionally, they’re both professors at Prescott College in Prescott, Arizzona, and the designers of the first course of it’s kind, Geology Through Bikepacking. Says Refsnider, “The Bikepacker’s Guide is written with the goal of providing mountain bikers with knowledge and tools to develop or refine bikepacking experiences. We wanted to lay out some critical considerations for planning bikepacking adventures – route design, food, water, bike setup, packing, and so on.” The book also includes a variety of tips and tricks the authors have learned through years of trial and error. Boyle adds, “While bikepacking is rapidly gaining popularity, there is no simple resource available for people looking to get started. Here, we present the basics all in one organized reference.” Refsinder and Boyle also include how to set realistic goals, backcountry safety, and Leave No Trace ethics. “‘Adventure by bike’ is not a slogan for us”, says Salsa marketing manager Mike ‘Kid’ Riemer. “Those words guide everything we do, from the products we create to the riders we sponsor to the experiences and stories we share. It is most appropriate that Salsa has published The Bikepacker’s Guide. This is perhaps a new golden era of cyclists looking to experience more in the backcountry via their bicycles, and we intend to help them learn to do it safely and ethically.” untitled-16 The Bikepacker’s Guide (part number MA 2074) is available now through distributor Quality Bicycle Products with a US MSRP of $10.


  1. Is there a direct URL to purchase the book? A Google search did not help. – Thanks!

  2. Chris strong

    Would like to purchase the bike packers guide, used the part number provided and can’t seem to place the order! Any help?
    Second gen salsa fargo rider

  3. Just received this book IMHO Salsa should be ashamed of themselves charging $10 for it. Don’t bother to waste your money, less than A5 is size and by the time you take the photos out there is minimal content in the less than 100 pages. Most info freely available on the internet & various blogs!

  4. £10 – ive read self help pamphlets bigger than this.

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