Nestled by the Abajo Mountains in San Juan County Utah, at 7,070 ft, Monticello is the base for Roam Industry. Roam is a bikepacking adventure company that focuses on human powered travel and exploration. Not to be mistaken with your typical mountain bike hire or guided tours found in our northern neighbor Moab. Roam Industry We use the steel frame Surly ECR, with a 29” wheel and 3” tire, so every one can feel good rolling down sandy roads, crushing rock gardens, and taking the steep climbs like a champ. The Revelate Design bike bags lighten the load, getting gear off your back and onto the bike. At the heart of the set up is the Rohloff speedhub powering you through mud, clay, animal crap, sage and oak brush; sans mechanical worry of derailleurs bending, snapping, gunking up and putting a damper on your tour. Roam Industry And that’s the idea, getting people out on the back dirt roads, old mining roads, and single track that crisscross the landscape of South East Utah. The backyard of the Abajo Mountains is an 8,000’ grass and ponderosa covered plateau that stretches for miles. Deep canyons with sheer walls cut into the plateau, remote big tower rock climbs stand over ancient Indian ruins, and most of the time the only other competition for trails are elk and deer. The country provides all types of terrain; from single track starting in the alpine zone at 11,000” to old exploration roads that end at canyon rims. From here you can set up a rappel connecting with the road in the bottom of the canyon to continue the ride. Roam is all about connecting the dots; bike to a climb, bike to ancient ruins, bike to camp, or bike for the sake of biking. Roam Industry We at Roam Industry have personal motives for wanting to introduce this idea of human powered travel to new comers and locals alike. While being one of the richest counties in natural beauty and outdoor activity it is also the poorest economic performing county in the state of Utah. We hope to continue the way of life of generations past by making a living off the land. Following in a responsible and exciting way that serves all those who partake and the land itself. See what we are all about and help us out check out our Indiegogo campaign

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