The Alamogordo is a larger top tube bag from Rogue Panda Designs. It is a big brother to the smaller Alamo, and has a capacity of 1.5 liters vs the 1 liter Alamo. The Alamogordo comes in a handful of colors to match your bike. We went to visit the owner Nick at his shop in Flagstaff last spring, check out the article from our site visit here… Rogue Panda Designs – A Garage Visit.


Want to win a few Green Belly meals stuffed into a Rouge Panda Designs Alamogordo? Visit this article for more information –


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  2. After getting an Alamogordo recently, I want to replace all of my ‘normal’ size stem bags with this. The extra volume is great, it doesn’t interfere with my legs at all, and just like everything I’ve used from RP, the quality is great. Nice little review, Neil!

  3. How does this compare size-wise with the Revelate Gas Tank?

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