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Todd Johnson Age: 47 From: Jackson Hole, Wyoming Day Job: Owner of All Star Window Cleaning / Ski Instructor

My name is Todd Johnson and  I live in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I own a Window Cleaning business in the summer and am a ski instructor/guide in the winter at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. I’m married with 2 boys and try and ride whenever I can! Life is training. Raise a family, work, and ride!! I got into bikepacking in 2007. I remember ordering my Carousel Design Works bags from Jeff Boatman. My first bikepacking race was the Arizona Trail 300. I am getting ready to ride the Colorado Trail Race (CTR). This is my 5th attempt with 2 finishes under my belt (Denver to Durango in 5 days and 18 hours, and Durango to Denver in 5 days 21 hours).
Photo: Aaron Johnson Photography/
Photo: Aaron Johnson Photography/
Last year word was going around in the bikepacking forums about one day doing the entire CTR self-supported, carrying all your own food, while using no services. I started thinking about this idea as time went on. I remember being on a bike ride last year as the CTR was in progress and was thinking to myself…man, I should really give this a go! So having finished the CTR both ways, I thought that this would be a way to look at the race with a new and exciting outlook. This motivated me! My food preparation has been the biggest thing for me. During preparation I’ve had this vision of these 5 bags of food stacked on top of each other in my backpack, and going through 1 bag per day with a goal of finishing in 5 days. Right now, each bag has roughly 4,300 calories. I also have 2165 bonus calories divided throughout the 5 bags. My total calorie count was 23,806 minus 150 calories because my 6 year old son took one of my rice krispy treats. I plan on taking one bag per day and putting it in my frame bag and gas tank, and trying to make the food go away. I want to get lighter as I get towards Durango. I’ve got a breakfast, lunch and dinner for all days, oatmeal, granola, chillimac lasagna etc.. Backpacking food that you add water to type thing. Then I have all my snacks. Cookies nuts crackers dried fruit etc. I’m also bringing powder like perpetuum and recoveries before laying down at night some gels at the start. todd--4 Bike Build: Salsa Spearfish Carbon 2016 Bike Bags: Bar Bag- Jay Petervary special! Seat Bag- Revelate Designs Pica Frame Bag- Salsa/Revelate Designs Gas Tank- Revelate Designs Clothing: Salsa/Fitzgeralds Bike shop Team Kit, Craft baselayer, Swiftwick Socks Sleep System: Mont-Bell climbers bag 50 degree, Mont-Bell Bivy, Neo-Air sleeping pad Extra Gear: Adidas Terrex lightweight jacket, Gore rain pants, Adidas Terrex vest, Mont-Bell puffy, extra socks, warm gloves, Smartwool beanie

If you want to track Todd Johnson and other Colorado Trail Race participants, visit Connect with Todd on instagram: @todd_johnson

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