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Name:  De Bruyn Joubert
Age: 31
Nationality: South Africa
Day Job: Adventurer & Photographer

I grew up in South Africa and early in my life developed a massive passion for adventure. Any activity that was different from the norm or something that would raise my heart rate, I would do it. I am the type of person that gets bored easily, so will always try new and exciting sports and adventures. Seeing new places and meeting interesting people is what drove me over the South African borders.  15540703_1510828362280063_1017941948263249655_o

I’ve loved cycling since I was a young boy and always dreamed of traveling with my bicycle…even before you could find all the gear we have available today. In early 2013 I made the decision to plan, pack, and start a massive five year adventure across all seven continents.

So, during the last three years I’ve cycled across Australia, Europe, Asia, North America and I am about to start the 5th continent, South America.  Throughout my adventure, I have done separate winter expeditions, which prepares me for the last continent on the expedition, Antarctica.

During the next 10 months I will be crossing South America using my fatbike, packraft and backpack.  I’ll start down south in Punta Arenas (Chile), moving north through Patagonia, Atacama Desert, across Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador,  through the Amazon and finishing in Columbia.  

Bike Build:
16’’ Fatback Corvus, Carbon Frame & Fork, Rear dropout spacing (197mm x 12mm), Terrene Tires – Wazia Tough 26 x 4.6, Tubeless (with extra tube for emergencies), Rear Rack

Bike Bags: Custom Becker Gear Bags –  Framebag, Mini Paniers & Dio Bag.  Then also a handlebar harness and Pockets bag

Clothing: 2 Pairs of Rudy Project Sunglasses, First Ascent Clothing – 2 x Bottom Up Shirts, 1 x Zip-Off Pants, One Pair of Shorts, Soft-Shell Jacket, Rain Jacket & Pair of Gloves. Brynje Vest, 3 x Buffs, Two Pairs of Socks, Keen Sandals, Two Hats, Two Pairs of Underwear and Wool Base Layer.

Sleep System:  Hilleberg Tent, Sea-to-Summit sleeping pad, First Ascent Down Summer Sleeping Bag

Electronics:  Goal Zero Solar Panel and Sherpa 100 Power Pack.  Jaybird X2 Bluetooth Headphones, InReach Explorer, Laptop, iPad, LED Lenser Headlight, Mic, Canon 70D Camera with one extra lens.

Extra Gear: Alpacka Raft, Aqua-Bound Manta Ray Carbon, Gregory Backpack, Leki Trekking Poles and pair of hiking boots.  Then also a MSR Stove & Pots, Leatherman, Machete, Suunto Compass, Hydrapak Water Bags and Rudy Project Windmax helmet.

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Track De Bruyn’s progress here 


  1. Just awesome. So much respect for the minimalist and grueling nature of his travels. We are biking down to Punta Arenas on a fully loaded touring setup but hope to bump into him on the way down!

  2. What Alpacka raft has he got there?

  3. Pete Ostrower

    Good luck man. Rode through S. America with my wife, finishing six months ago. Loved loved loved northern patagonia. Your trip makes me jealous. Enjoy!

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