We have all had that moment when your favorite piece of gear is destroyed by a burn hole, a snag on a tree, or in my case, when your dog decides to head-butt his way out of the screen door of your tent while you’re camping at a bike race. When Bikepacking, your gear is everything to you. Those few items you decide to bring with you need to be durable and trustworthy.  What happens when your brand new bivy snags on a tree while you’re shaking it off and next thing you know you are staring at a 2 foot rip? Although that situation would be awful on the trail, there is a solution for repair once you return home. Rainy Pass Repair Our experience with Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. was nothing but amazing. We sent our MSR Hubba Hubba 2 person tent in to Rainy Pass Repair with a 6 inch rip in the screen door covered in duct tape for a temporary repair. Now, I know that this may not be a realistic tent to take along for a bikepacking trip, but the importance is in the quality of the repair. From start to finish, Rainy Pass Repair had excellent customer service. From the being emailed the initial quote to receiving the package at our doorstep, Rainy Pass was very helpful. The tent came back to us beautifully packaged compared to the stuff sack style heap in which we sent it to them. It was folded, rolled, and cleanly placed in a plastic package with a branded thank you post card and sticker. The turn around time was also very quick, within two weeks from the time we sent it out. Rainy Pass Repair Once the tent was unrolled, we were pleased to find that the tent almost looked brand new! Rainy Pass Repair had taken the rip and cut a square out of the screen, they then replaced it with a new piece of screen, double stitching the seams so that they are very sturdy. Lets be honest, this is so much better than a piece of duct tape. Overall, it is a permanent fix and it will increase the life of our tent. For $28.00, sending the tent to Rainy Pass Repair was a no brainer. Rainy Pass Repair Rainy Pass Repair Rainy Pass Repair has a number of services to serve the bikepacking community. Bikepacking can be a very expensive hobby, and maintaining the life of your gear can mean the difference between spending $1,000 on new gear for each adventure. Some of the services Rainy Pass offers are:
  • Alterations/modificatoins
  • Specialized laundry services (sleeping bags, tents, etc.)
  • Re-waterproofing
  • Down relofting
  • Rainwear
  • Tents and poles
  • Sleeping bags
  • Backpacks
  • …and much more!
Pretty much anything you need repaired or laundered, Rainy Pass Repair, Inc. has your back. Scared about sending in your valuable gear? Rainy Pass has been repairing outdoor equipment and clothing since 1986 – needless to say, they know what they’re doing. They are also approved and a suggested repair company by W.L. Gore and Associates, to make repairs and alterations to your Gore-Tex® Fabrics without affecting your warranty. Visit their website  for more information and repair examples. Contact them at repair@rainypass.com for a quote on your next repair! 

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