Guy Sutton recently won the Stagecoach 400 (SC400), a race in Southern California that circles down to the desert, over to the big city, San Diego, and back north towards the start location of Hub Cyclery, in Idyllwild, California. Guy was kind enough to answer a few questions we had. Guy is a down to earth person and we’re happy he is in the bikepacking scene. Where did you grow up? San Diego CA – still growing up. What do you do for a living? Dentist, wrangle 2 kids, yardwork, science olympiad competition coach, haul ass. When did you pick up mountain biking? High School from best friend John Taft (finisher at SC400) When was your first bikepacking experience? Watching the “Ride the Divide” movie and then training for SC400 2012. I broke my wrist in 2012 and didn’t get to compete that year, but came back in 2013. Mary and Brendan Collier from “The Hub” have been very inspirational. When you visit Idyllwild, CA be sure to meet these two. Who are your sponsors? CalCoast bike shop in San Diego, and Vitalyte (old school 1970’s marathon juice -gookinaid). What bike did you use this year? 120mm Ibis Ripley- triple chainrings. I am too much a puss to ride a hardtail, let alone a rigid. It was so nice to bomb the downhills and float washboard. What bikepacks did you use this year? Revelate Designs Tires? 2.25 Schwalbe Rocket Ron Front, 2.2 Continental Race King Rear with Stan’s You finished the Stagecoach and took 2nd last year, finishing in 42 Hours and 18 Minutes, what made you come back this year? All the cool kids were doing it. Actually  for the adventure, challenge and camaraderie. With my business and family, it is hard for me to get away for events like these, so having SC400 in my backyard is ideal. There was some changes to the course this year, did it make it more difficult? Is this why it took longer to finish from the previous year? Last year I was in superior fitness. In 2014 I seemed to be sick more than not through the winter, so my training was poor. Everyone always says they are slow/ out of shape, but my Strava times don’t lie. I was really considering bailing out. I couldn’t even ride 100 miles a few weeks ago. Not sure how I survived this year, definitely hurt more. What was on your mind once you got to San Diego? How the F do I get out of this maze. The park at Bonita got the best of me. My Garmin had died before Alpine and I was riding dark with no CRS file. Everyone makes a wrong turn or two, which is so demoralizing. There was an amazing moonset over the cliffs in Point Loma, then the sunrise. I got some food and things got much better after that. How is riding in San Diego? We are lucky to have such good riding 365 days a year. Though we are a big city, once you are 2 miles from a parking spot there are very few people, so you have all of the trails to yourself. How many hours in the saddle / hours of sleep did you average? I didn’t sleep this year. For whatever reason my body goes in race mode and I can’t sleep. What was your biggest challenge or low moment this year? Probably my wrong turn in the Cuyamacas (mucho extra climbing), then trying to fix the Edge 810 at the same McDonald’s in Alpine as last year. Lastly, being chased by the Viejas dogs at night is an adrenaline rush. What was your biggest reward? There were a few… – Seeing my Dad and Mary Collier with a beer in Idyllwild.  – That moment when you were like… “Finally” – When my friends John and Patrik finished. Do you think you will do the race again next year? Why or why not? Still a bit numb in an inappropriate area… What parts of the route are perfect for bikepackers not looking to race? This is a great course for touring, eating, and seeing cool stuff. Cliff Clermont & Stan Potter did the credit card version of the race. Riding 100 miles per day, slept in beds, drank beer and didn’t eat astronaut food. If you want to get all the perks without most suffering this is the way to go. What do you have planned for this summer? Hoping to ride a stretch of the tour divide course with Taft (he wants to race it 2015).

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  1. Kevin Hinton

    Way to go Guy what a race it was this year .

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