Mike Curiak is at it again, seeking the unknown in not so ideal times. Mike and friends head to the desert and bring along their studs, warm sleeping bags and layers through many failed plans until they came up with Plan D. Yet again, Mike does a great job putting this film together. For more info and stills check out Lacemine29.com. Also check out Doom’s blog for another video and photos… Therepublicofdoom.blogspot.com.


  1. Great video. Very well edited. The song was a perfect choice, too. The video got me to thinking about my own fat biking experiences (though not as “epic” as the video obviously was). In fact, recently, at an area lake, my son and I took our Mukluks and, instead of taking to the great bike trails that are out there, we went along the very rocky (and sometimes literally un-ride-able) shoreline, for as far as we wanted to go! It was part bike ride, part hike ‘n carry.

    Being winter, we saw absolutely no one else out there. Also, the lake I’m referring to is so low right now that we could ride in places that this Spring (if we get any rain!) will likely be under water. The shore line is replete with tall, and low, sandstone bluffs and cliffs, and the many layers often show evidence of Kansas having been a very wet and aquatic place, a long, long time ago!

    On the Mukluk I could stop and look at fossils, take pictures, have a snack, soak up the sunlight, and enjoy the silence. On such a bike, I could do all that, and still make up the time for doing so. Hiking the same distances would have been difficult, if not impossible to do in a single day, but not by fat bike!

    My next goal is to take the fat bike out for an over-night camp. Maybe I’ll go back to that same lake shore and stay this time to watch the sun go down, the Moon come up, and then snuggle in for the night. Oh yes, and before falling asleep, I’ll watch the Milky Way wheel overhead for a while, and listen to Coyotes yammering around the cliffs. Thanks for sharing your fat bike adventure with the rest of us!

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