The 2016 Tour Divide Grand Depart took place this morning in Banff, Alberta at the YMCA. Around 180 brave riders have set out on an adventure of a lifetime. Below is a photo gallery of images from the Grand Depart provided by Chumba Cycles USA. 2016 Tour Divide Grand Depart 2016 Tour Divide Grand Depart 2016 Tour Divide Grand Depart IMG_5909 IMG_5910 2016 Tour Divide Grand Depart2016 Tour Divide Grand Depart 2016 Tour Divide Grand Depart 2016 Tour Divide Grand Depart


  1. Image 15 someone fix that poor blokes helmet straps please. Is there any sighting of Guy Martin?

    • Maureen C. Cruse

      Exactly !
      I have searched possible assumed names . Will look for something related to ‘Proper’ , perhaps ‘Spanner” ?
      Alas, I ain’t no Brit. Perhaps you blokes have a thought on a probable alias ?
      Hope he is out there !

  2. Lindsay, any news on why Josh Kato scratched?

    • Neil Beltchenko
      Neil Beltchenko

      From Josh:

      “I’m out of contention for the first rider to pie. Since my encounter with a motorist who wanted to make a grave marker out of a cyclist on the Grave Creek Road after Eureka, MT I’ve been unable to properly race. When the truck driver aimed at me I had no choice but to head off the road. Anyone that has been on that road knows that the right side drops a long ways down into Grave Creek. Basically, to keep myself and bike from ending up at the bottom of the canyon my legs/feet were twisted in the rocks on the hillside. There is only so fast a guy can go while eating Alieve and Advil like M&M’s (plus I don’t professionally recommend it at all).
      My left knee took the brunt of the twisting and while I could ocassinally go quickish things kept declining. By the time I got just past Helena I couldnt go more than 10mph on the flats with a tailwind.
      Lots of stuff can happen out there. Dropping out because of a self-sustained injury like crashing in mud or pushing my body too hard would be painful but acceptable. Ending my race, while feeling in the best physical condition of my life, because of an act of another person is unacceptable. This was going to be the last of my racing. I’ve never been all about records or first place. It’s always been the journey.

      I’ll be back

  3. Thanks for the update Neil. Run-ins with cars on the Divide seem like they are becoming more commonplqce? And this A Route with fewer “motorized” vehicles on it. You think it would lead to fewer run ins. Then I think back to your incident last year. Either way it looked to be an amazing divide this year. Not only for the leaders (Mike is flying) but everyone involved. Thanks once again for the updates Neil. Love the site.

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  5. Dieter Borsutzky

    even as a tourer I could finish the TD 16 on my personal 60th anniversary trip. Ride on pedal race heros

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