We did the Palisades Traverse as a three day ride. Starting at the top of Pine Creek Pass, we rode along the rim of the North Fork of Rainey Creek. At the head of Rainey Creek, we dropped down the North Fork of Palisades Creek and camped at its confluence with the East Fork of Palisades Creek. The fishing was great on these forks. On our second day, we rode up the East Fork of Palisades Creek and continued up Corral Creek to its head at Starvation Peak. From Starvation, we rode the Divide Trail to Mud Pass and then dropped into the North Fork of Elk Creek; camping for the night in Smoky Hollow. The fishing here was great too! The third day we continued down Elk Creek to Palisades Reservoir with great fly fishing along the way.

Beautiful and remote country!


  1. Looks like an awesome trip! It was looking good and then you started catching trout and that made it great! Nice job on the production too!

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