Imagine flying down your favorite section of flowy singletrack going 25 miles per hour. Imagine the beautiful aspen trees as you whip by them, and the view all around you as you try to focus on the trail ahead. Imagine crossing over a deep creek on a 6 inch wide bridge. Now imagine doing all of that without being able to see. Your eyes are one of your most important body parts. Taking care of them while you do the things you love is imperative. Having the proper protection for your eyes while cycling can make the difference between a good ride, and a not so good ride. While bikepacking, you need to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions and lighting conditions – and you never want to leave your eyes out in the open for the oncoming bugs, dust, rain, snow, or other elements. Finding the perfect eyewear to satisfy all of your needs can be difficult. Especially finding the right product at a price you can afford. The Sequence Performance Sunglasses by Optic Nerve are exceptional performance sunglasses that come with 4 different lens choices, AND at a great price. Optic Nerve Sequence Optic Nerve is an independently owned and operated Colorado company with deep roots that stem back to 1976. Starting as Mountain Shades, Optic Nerve prides themselves in being a company that creates pro quality eyewear at a fair price. Their values? Intelligence, awareness, and style. Optic Nerve has a “freakishly simple” strategy – instead of spending a lot of money on endorsements and advertising, they strive to provide top quality eyewear and great service at a fair price. I was able to test the Sequence sunglasses in matte black over the past couple of months. From day rides in all weather and lighting conditions, the Sequence has proven to be an excellent pair of sunglasses for cycling. The frames come with four lenses. The Polarized Smoke lens is for very sunny and bright conditions. The copper lens was best for a partly sunny day, where it may be dark at times. The other two lenses are an orange lens for overcast days, as well as clear for night riding or precipitation. The lenses come in a convenient and simple cloth carrying case. Optic Nerve Sequence Using their new SideSwipe technology, changing the lenses on the fly is extremely simple and efficient. You simply have to make sure that the glasses are in closed position, then, using the switch-like apparatus on either side of the lens, you will release the lens from the frame with little to no effort. Once the frame is empty, you can place the new lens in the space and close the apparatus to secure the lens. Optic Nerve Sequence The frame is made of a TR90 durable nylon that is flexible, yet prevents breaking or stretching. The frame also features Optic Nerve’s hydrophobic coating which wicks away debris such as dust, oil, and water keeping the frames looking new regardless of where you take them. Lastly, the frame features an adjustable and high quality rubber nose bridge which helps you find comfort no matter what your face shape is. The Sequence shades are incredibly comfortable.  They fit perfectly on my face, and when working up a sweat I never had any issues with fogging. The frames and lenses are wide enough and provide plenty of peripheral vision.  Overall I had no complaints with the performance of the sunglasses. To top it off, Optic Nerve will warranty any eyewear against manufacturer’s defects for the life of the product. Optic Nerve Sequence The Sequence retails for $109.00, including all four lenses, a hard case for the shades, a soft case for the lenses, and a cleaning cloth. They come in matte black or shiny white with red accents.

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  1. Any photos so you can get an idea on how they look on a face?

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