I do love bikepacking but having a cooler full of beer and hot dogs is a definite advantage of car camping.  We had just that on the Rainbow Rim Trail last week, and Odell’s Brombeere Blackberry Gose was welcome and refreshing after a hot day’s ride.

Popping the can releases aromas of tart, unripe blackberries, a hint of sweet raspberry, and a bit of lemon.  The beer itself has a pinkish, raspberry hue with a thin, champagne-like head.

The mouthfeel is light to medium and a bit heavier than most goses.  This is not unexpected as at 4.8%, Brombeere is on the higher end of the ABV spectrum for a gose.  The crispness and refreshing effervescence is also noticeable as this lively beer hits the tongue.  The beer is immediately tart.  Flavors of blackberry, raspberry, lemon, and green apple are detectable.  A slight saltiness develops on the sides and middle of the tongue before a crisp, tart finish.  The fruity tartness continues to refresh in the aftertaste.  As this fades, the subtle saltiness is more noticeable.

Odell Brombeere Blackberry Gose

The tart and saltiness of this beer would pair well with desert pastries, berry gelato, vinaigrette salads, and a wide variety of meats from light fish dishes to heavier, flavorful red meats.  Let me also say it pairs mighty fine with chili-dogs warmed on a camp stove too.

Brombeere is a seasonal release and is now available on draft and in cans.  It is also part of a very good mixed pack from Odell.  Grab some cans or get a crowler filled from a tap, and go out and play.  Whether your adventure has you fly-fishing in a cold creek or sweating in the heat on your bike, you will not be disappointed to have a chilled Brombeere Blackberry Gose waiting for you afterwards.



Outdoor Friendliness (refreshment in a can)….9/10

Aroma (fruity and sweet)….7/10

Flavor (tart and subtle saltiness)….8/10

Style-Appropriateness (saltiness slightly subtle for the style)….7/10


  1. Agreed! I loved this beer, and a perfect summer refresher. And that multipack with the DIPA and drumroll is sweet too.

  2. Tom Gandesbery

    I’d rather have a Dr. Pepper.

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