Bikepacking is a relatively new sub industry in the cycling world, but those who have participated in the adventurous activity know how fun and rewarding it can be. However, bikepacking is not 100% intuitive. There is a lot of thought, experience, and preparation that goes into deciding what to bring, which bike to ride, where to ride, who to ride with, and more. 

After attending the Canadian Bikepack Summit this fall, it was clear that the interest and inspiration were there for a United States based summit. It only seemed fitting that we pull together a bunch of industry influencers and bikepacking enthusiasts for a weekend of knowledge building, networking, riding and drinking beer.

We are excited to announce the inaugural Bikepacking Summit which is taking place September 22nd-24th in Golden, Colorado at the New Terrain Brewing Company, right next to North Table Mountain. Golden is home to a mecca of mountain bike trails on Denver’s Front Range, where many bikepackers and industry manufacturers reside, not to mention it is host to some stunning public land. 

You can expect to learn a lot during the weekend, which will include a bikepacking industry panel, various speakers, bikepacking 101 talk, loaded group rides and much more. We recommend that attendees bring their loaded bike for everyone to take a look at. 

The goal is to share each others knowledge, experiences and thoughts on the future of the sport while enjoying the company of like-minded people, and having a bikepacking rich weekend.

Stay tuned for the event schedule which will be released in the coming weeks. Early-bird registration will begin in February. In the meantime, mark your calendars for September 22nd – 24th. Please reach out to with any questions. 

The event venue, New Terrain Brewing Company, is located in a convenient location in relation to hotels, trails, and restaurants in Golden, Colorado. It is a 40 minute drive from Denver International Airport, and 15 minutes from downtown Denver.


  1. Actually, the term “bikepacking” has been around almost as long as the mountain bike. I still have an article I clipped from a cycling magazine in 1994 that refers to touring by MTB as “bikepacking”. My daughter and I “bikepacked” across NW Russia in 1996. (Great ride, BTW. Highly recommended!) It’s just that in the past few years bikepacking has become more synonymous with Tour Divide-style riding than simply off-pavement touring.

    • I believe they are referring to bikepacking becoming a bigger part of the industry .. not the birth of bikepacking.

      Sounds like a great event!

  2. Exciting News ,,,, would like to be apart of this..

  3. Would there be an interest for us bringing out Kokopelli pacrrafts? I am the rep for the Midwest region and our headquarters is in Denver, CO. Kelley Smith is the president of

  4. And what about lodging for the event? Bike and/or car camping in the vicinity?

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