What we wanted from this Rapha Festive500 was a common denominator, something that connected and had the same thread among the various outputs that we planned to complete the challenge: ride 500km between Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

It didn’t take so long to decide which would be the lakes of our region to give this Festive500 a story. It was enough just to choose how and when,  and obviously such lakes to include in our Men of Lakes 500.

Living in Trentino, Northern Italy, we were spoiled for choice. For the first stop we opted for a classic tour of Valvestino, so we were going to touch 4 lakes in the South/West part during the Christmas Eve morning.

Then we would have ended the remaining stages with three days in a row, two in the north and the last on home roads, bringing in a total of 11 lakes.

Day 1
Lago di Garda, Lago di Valvestino, Lago d’Idro, Lago di Ledro
125,9km – 1.874m D+
Soundtrack: The Black Angels – You on the runday1_1


Day 2
Lago di Resia
151,6 km – 1.879mt D+
Soundtrack: Bruce Peninsula – Crabapples (are for loving…)day2_1


Lago di Caldaro
145,0 km – 1.000 mt D+
Soundtrack: SOHN – Conradday3

Lago di Cavedine, Lago di Toblino, Lago di Santa Massenza, Lago di Terlago, Laghi di Lamar
84,6 km – 1.157 mt D+
Soundtrack: Black Mountain – Stay Freeday4_4


Full story here can be found here. https://towardsthenorth.exposure.co/men-of-lakes-500the_end

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  1. Tiny whiskey flask: an essential element of a monumental ride.
    Let’s ride – https://www.facebook.com/Pedalata-Cycling-829916567146278/

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