Back in 2012 I was bikepacking the Colorado Trail. After a lengthy time above tree line on what would be considered not bike friendly singletrack we descended down Kokomo Pass towards Leadville. We arrived at a beautiful waterfall that many of you have passed. My partner and I needed to refill on water and put down some calories. Rummaging through my top tube bag I pulled out a Honey Stinger and a Justin’s peanut butter squeeze pack. I would soon have a realization while combining the two to make a mouthwatering experience to remember. Here is a simple guide, enjoy! IMG_1205 First you must buy a Honey Stinger Honey Waffle ($1.50) and a Justin’s Honey Almond Butter 1.15 Oz pack (1.35) this will total $2.75 + applicable sales tax. Then you need to wake up in the dessert overlooking a beautiful canyon or anywhere next to your bike. IMG_6730 Then you must roll over to your top tube bag while still bivyed up and find your Honey Stinger Waffle and Justin’s packages. Knead the Justin’s to properly mix and warm the nut butter and honey. IMG_6738 Next you unwrap your Honey Stinger Waffle and open the Justin’s packet. IMG_6741 Then…you guested it, disperse the honey almond goodness on the waffle. IMG_6742 Spread around with the Justin’s packet, and lick remanence from packet. IMG_6745 Look at the beauty and devour the 350 calories while the sun warms you up. IMG_6748 Yummmmmmm IMG_6747


  1. The last step is to try and figure out if the Justin’s dribbled down the side of your mouth and, if so, clean if off. I had a Justin’s Stinger this year while soloing the Rabbit Ears “Divide Trail Epic.” I ran into hikers and workers on Steamboat Mountain and no one could bear to tell me that I had Justin’s dribble.

  2. I have been enjoying mixing up the combinations with the chocolate waffle and chocolate Justin’s too!! Yum!

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