As  fat bike demand rises so does events surrounding them. The Midwest and Alaska have held most of the ultra marathon / endurance fat bike races in recent years, Arrowhead 135, Iditarod Trail Invitational, and the White Mountains 100 to name a few. The trend has moved west, and with that comes more interest in these extreme events. Jay Petervary has cemented his name in the endurance cycling arena. Jay has won the Iditarod Trail Invitational 350 while setting record times. He has also won the 1000 mile Iditarod Trail Invitational and currently holds the record for the fastest southern route.  Jay owns the fastest time from Banff, BC to Antelope Wells, NM on the Tour Divide route at a scorching fast time of 15 days 16 hours and 4 minutes. Jay continues to compete at a high level, just this past January, he won the Arrowhead 135, one of the tougher fat biking ultras around. With Jay’s experience and expertise in the long distance fat bike scene, he figured it would be a good idea to dive into a race directors roll. The first annual Fat Pursuit fat bike race will be an option of two distances on a loop course: 60K (37.28 mi.) & 200K (124.27 mi.), and will take place this Saturday, March 1st. The 200K route starts at 7:ooam and the 60K  starts at 9:00am at Island Park, Idaho at the Pond’s Lodge.  The race will be traveling along groomed snowmobile track in a counter clockwise direction. The 200K route will head all the way to West Yellowstone before heading back south towards Island Park. It will have 3 checkpoints to ensure resupply and rest, before getting back on the trail.  Each 200K participant will be carrying spot devices and live updates can be found here. Each racer is required to carry mandatory gear, below is the list, very similar to the Arrowhead 135. Mandatory Gear (must be carried from start to finish of race) 60K – Front and rear safety lights. White front, red back. Both mounted on the bike, turned on at all times and visible to others. Don’t show up with single LED key chain lights…bring real riding safety lights! – In addition to the safety lights you will need to carry a headlamp or another light that is adequate to ride in the dark with. Yep, you just may be out there in the dark… 200K (all the 60K gear plus the items below) – 0*F sleeping bag or colder – Insulated sleeping pad – minimum size 20″x 48″ – Bivy sac or tent – Stove, fuel, 16 oz. pot (ability to boil water several times and if the gear checker doesn’t think you can he may just ask you to do so at the gear check) – Fire starter, lighter and / or matches – Headlamp – Extra batteries for both your safety lights and headlamp – Map (provided) – SPOT locator beacon that is registered with for live online following and safety (available through registration). It has been a very odd winter of weather across America, and it is no different in Idaho. The area had a bit of a warm spell, dropping wet snow, sleet, and even rain on the route recently. Although in recent days the course has mushed up in the afternoon, the cool nights have helped firm things up. While Island Park may miss out on the deep snow this weekend, West Yellowstone is expecting 3-7 inches Saturday which could make traveling a bit difficult. Here is a pin forecast just south of West Yellowstone.  Check out the interview with Jay Petervary below. We wish all the competitors the best.

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