Leave a comment below telling us about a life lesson to be entered to win one of two copies of Trail Magic!  

Two winners will be randomly chosen November 24th.

Screen Shot 2014-11-01 at 8.47.49 PM Scott Thigpen recently finished the book “Trail Magic: The Art of Soft Pedaling,” a book that shares not only his time racing in the Tour Divide, but also some life lessons he has learned before and after the race. After needing some life motivation, he decided to train nearly two years in advance to take on the beast of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. After, he was so inspired that he could not help but share his, and other peoples, stories.


  1. Larry Goodman

    Iv’e learned to Enjoy the Ride. Life is what happenes while you are planning other things.

  2. If you do not like something, then work to change it. Sometimes that means a lot of hard work. Life is short, do not waste it being unhappy.

  3. Don’t pack things away if you can buy it along life’s journeys! (ooooo, so philosophical!)

  4. robbyridesfar

    The Adventure is not in what you plan for, but rather the Adventure is in what you didn’t plan for.

  5. Zachary Elgart

    Taking something for granted is the fastest way to lose it – put in the work to earn the rewards and hold on to your happiness.

  6. Only ride that big climb once. Don’t dread it and think of it and play it out in your mind before you tackle it. It will come and you will do it. And do the same thing with problems in your life, with work and family. If you have a difficult meeting with your boss coming up, don’t lose sleep over it by playing it out in your mind. You will tackle it when you get there. Until then, enjoy the ride.

  7. Be Well. Be Wonderful. And LAUGH LOTS!

  8. Weekends are for catching up with the life you miss during the week.

  9. There is only one way to get there from here.
    (Realization on Bannack Rd, TD 2011)

  10. It’s okay to be rescued. It might be a bit embarrassing, but it’s not a bad thing.

  11. Billy Chamberlain

    Take your time and enjoy everyday as it comes

  12. It’s okay to be rescued. Embarrassing, sure, but okay.

  13. The trail will give you what you need the most. You might not recognize it at the time but the trail will provide.

  14. The regret of passing on the opportunity to do something challenging is a lot tougher to live with than any challenge you’ll face.

  15. Keep things in perspective by examining them from the seat of your bike.

  16. In the light of a dying flashlight, deer eyes look just like bear eyes.

  17. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing

  18. Chad Thorson

    The pain from quitting is worse than the pain from pushing on.

  19. Life lesson: Bikes are cheaper than therapists.

  20. Marc Fothergill

    ride bikes.

  21. Try to bring nothing with you that is used regularly at home. It’s called camping.

  22. I’ve learned about my inner strength,power, and beauty by riding my bike! Live Love Ride

  23. That which we resist, persists.

  24. Hey,

    I’m Scott (the author of the book). I love seeing all these comments! (especially Magic’s about the deer eyes look like bear eyes… BECAUSE THEY DO!).

    I don’t get to choose the winners but I’ve had fun reading all these! 🙂

  25. Steve Bernard

    Bored people are boring people

  26. It’s all about the journey, not the destination.

  27. Wherever you go, there you are. Embrace what you have and where you are, no matter where it is.

  28. Lesson I’ve have learn this yr.. you can train, ride, and think your prepared but untill that first time your line up for a bike packing event, you’ll never really know what some of your friends have gone through. During my first day of tnga 2014 I learn the hard way that many things can’t be trained for.. heat, long climbs and a crash have me thinking why would I ever attempt an endurance mtb race again.. well I guess I’ll find out next yr at tnga 2015.. I met some great people some new friends and even though my attempt was short I learned alot and had fun doing it.. I’ve have learn you have to be having fun in order to suffer though the not so fun parts and that climbing sucks.. but descending rocks unless you crash… I’ve learned my friends coined phrase “pedal on” can work and get though some tough rides.. cheers to the next episode..

  29. Life’s too short not to go on a pedal adventure! Ride hard, ride allways!

  30. Hi there,

    I am very interested at having a curious look at this book. Plus, the 24th of november will be my 27th birthday. A good occasion right ? 🙂

    Go and ride all around the world folks & folkettes !

  31. Adam Kazilsky

    Mother Nature can be good, Mother Nature can be bad. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

  32. Look a habenaro right in the stem & say “hey! I’m gonna eat you…Why? Because I like a little spicyness in my life & it’s ok to cry every once & awhile.”

  33. I learned to NEVER pass up a food stop during a bike race. Don’t assume the next store will be open. DOH!

  34. Carry rooibos tea on bikepacking adventures as you don’t need any milk 🙂

  35. You’ll never get there if you stop pedaling. Conversely, you will get there if you keep pedaling.

  36. Don’t over react. Things are not as bad as they seem or as good as you want to believe but it will all work out. Sometimes you just need to let it go and enjoy the ride.

  37. I’d rather be riding my bike….

  38. 1- mental is stronger than physical
    2- don’t take things too seriously
    3- appreciate your surroundings

  39. Dan Clements

    Adversity makes the best adventure memories.

  40. Jeff Mullen

    Always stay positive and get into the mountains every chance that you get.


    RULE #5 – HTFU (read velominati the rules)

  42. When out on your two wheeled steed…stay in that moment…..just trust me 🙂

  43. If a farmer says you can help yourself to whatever you want as long as you don’t sleep with his daughter … Believe him.

  44. Adenture > Regret

  45. The road goes on and we shall travel where ‘ere it goes. A new day, a new road, a new adventure awaits. 2WX: Great Exploits!

  46. Sometimes il faut reculer, in order to avancer…

  47. Life is too important to be taken seriously.

  48. Greg Andersen

    A goal, A goal is nothing more than a dream. Until you have a plan and put it into action. Then you have set a goal.

  49. Riding a bike is like life.. hardest part is getting back into the saddle when you fall down.

  50. 10 years ago I was 218 pounds and smoking more than a pack per day. My track buddies (motorcycle) convinced me to buy a bicycle and use it for endurance training to be faster on the motorcycle. Fast forward to today and I’m now 167 pounds (5’10”), I’ve been smoke-free for 10 years and I race my bicycles all across the country. I’ve finished Dirty Kanza (still gunning for a Race The Sun plaque) and my bucket list goal is to race the Divide. Cycling has truly and dramatically altered my life in such a positive way that I can’t often express to people who don’t ride. It’s not a sport, it’s not a hobby; it’s a culture and way of life. It is a liberating experience to immerse oneself in our awesome World by pedaling through it. Thank you to all the cyclists that have gone before me and shared yor experiences so that I could grow as a cyclist.

  51. It’s okay when things change in a way that goes against the orignal plan.

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