As we are wrapping up day one of Frostbike at Quality Bicycle Parts in Bloomington, MN – we are full of excitement for all of the industry progress we witnessed. From the (literal) unveiling of Salsa Cycles 2016 Warbird series, to the official debut of the Flowbeist and Dunderbeist fat tires from 45NRTH – the exhibitors at Frost Bike 2015 are prepared to impress. Take a peak at our photo journal of day 1 at Frostbike.
frost bike 2015
Wolf Tooth Components – Custom mud-shedding tooth design. Wolf Tooth also showcased their 104 BCD chain rings.
frost bike 2015
Salsa Cycles 2016 Carbon Warbird – Unveiling.
frost bike 2015
More Salsa Unveiling – Mike in action.
frost bike 2015
Salsa Cycles Powderkeg Tandem 29er.
frost bike 2015
Big Airs are back, this time from MSW, a QBP brand.
frost bike 2015
5.10 made a new cycling shoe, stiff with grip.
frost bike 2015
WTB plus size rims.
frost bike 2015
Whisky parts showing off their carbon hoops on an Ice Cream Truck. Ohh, and there’s a dirty Porcelian Rocket frame bag.
frost bike 2015
DT Swiss has some pretty minimalist fat bike hoops.
frost bike 2015
Nemo Equipment sporting some clear Revelate Designs bags.
frost bike 2015
The GoGo shelter bivvy comes in just over 1lb.
frost bike 2015
The Microrocket from MSR is a more minimalist Pocketrocket.
frost bike 2015
45NRTHs Dunderbeist
frost bike 2015
The Flowbeist
Wide spaced knobs on Dunderbeist are designed to shed snow like no other tire.
The Flowbeist is made for corners on groomed singletrack
Can you say large Knards?
More Warbird
Some tan Bulldozer Vee rubber.
Frostbike 2015
Surly Moonlander Ops.
Demo Center.

Day one can be found here


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