Session IPAs have exploded over the past few years, but I still prefer a pilsner as lighter option go-to beer on warm summer days and nights.  Founders PC Pils offers an American interpretation on this Bohemian style by both turning up the IBUs and choosing American hop varieties over the more traditional usage of European Noble hops.

PC Pils pours as a typical pilsner with a golden straw yellow color with just a bit of haze and a thick white head.  The hops are definitely conspicuous in the aroma with scents of lemon, orange, and tropical fruits as well as a pleasant floral character.

The high carbonation tingles the front of the tongue before this area picks up flavors of light lemon.  As the beer flows over the sides of the tongue refreshing citrus notes shine.  The hops resulting in the 45 IBUs are a bit shy until late in the mouth when they intermingle with the pilsner malt’s earthy, biscuity, and slightly sweet flavors.  The aftertaste is long with alternating flavors from the malt and piney, grassy hop notes.

PC Pils comes in at 5.5%.  It is available in six-packs of bottles and also 15 pack cans which are perfect for stocking coolers for sharing with friends on long, hot days outside. 

This American interpretation of the classic Czech and German style is fun, refreshing, and a staple of my fridge this time of year.  Try it, and it will probably become one in yours too.



Outdoor Friendliness (canned and plenty to share)…9/10

Aroma (pleasantly fruity)…7/10

Flavor (sweet and bitter and refreshing)…8/10

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