This video explains how the Rogue Panda Designs Highline and Ripsey saddle system works. The Highline and Ripsey are highlighted by their two piece harness system and dropper post compatibility. The Ripsey holds 7 liters and the Highline holds 11 liters. The bag will be available in the coming weeks as they finalize the design. The Ripsey costs $130 and it’s $140 for the Highline.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Neil! I’ve got a couple notes to add for what’s changing in the final version:

    1) The plastic loop on the front strap is moved backwards onto the side of the bag, to eliminate any worry about it digging into a dropper post seal
    2) The Highline harness is about 1 inch shorter than shown in this video. That should reduce weight a bit.

    1) The velcro opening on the drybag is going away (it would snag on fabrics like fleece), but we now add plastic stiffeners to the opening.
    2) You can close the drybag by itself, which is useful while packing up your gear inside a tent, for instance. The harness and drybag will have one side of the buckle each.
    3) We got rid of the very end of the drybag where it was hard to pack things into. It’s still tapered but not as much.

    In regards to waterproofing, I filled a bag with water to calculate the volumes listed. There was a very slow drip onto the shop floor. So I expect it to be 100% waterproof against rain, but leak slowly under submersion.

  2. Hey Nick, that looks like a great bag setup. I do have one suggestion: Exchange the male and female ends on one side of the drybag. So the drybag would have one male and one female end, and the harness would have one male and one female end. That way, the drybag can be closed by itself, and it would be directional when going into the harness. Good luck with the new bags, they look great!

  3. Mark,

    Great idea – we actually already implemented that one. We had to get new buckles because the ones we were using don’t come in a dual-pull design, but I settled on a replacement and we’re starting on production this week.

  4. Will this work with other (waterproof) drybags? I’m assuming that as long as the buckles match on the drybag and harness, it will.

    • Ray,

      So it’s doubtful that the buckles will match, because everyone seems to use their own. We don’t even use the same ones for the Highline as our other bags, because they didn’t come in a dual pull variety.

      That said, our bag should last a long while. The Xpac is more durable than heat-weldable waterproof fabrics of the same weight, so it will take longer to develop leaks than a proper drybag. And we could always make another one for a pretty reasonable price if necessary.

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