At one point I can remember counting the amount of custom frame bag manufactures on one hand. Now, only a spreadsheet can keep up with the growth of this particular craft. Each day someone new is popping up which is a good indicator as to the direction of bikepacking. I have met lot of awesome people before, during, and after bikepacking events. Many know the kind nature of these people, and I think it is why the community of bikepackers is so tight knit. Last year I ran into Josh Van Jura during the Arizona Trail Race. While I was trying to keep up with Kurt Refsnider and Aaron Gully in the Canelos, Josh waved me down and I stopped. We introduced ourselves and shook hands, then I got back to the matter at hand. It was not until early winter that Josh told me he started a bag business called Bar Fly Bags. DSC01859 In mid February, I received a 9Zero7 Whiteout to rip around for the winter and spring, It seem like a great idea to outfit the bike with a frame bag. I will go more into detail about the ordering process during my overall review, but it was very simple to say the least. I received the bag, took it out of the shipping box and started to undo the straps. My first impression was WOW, these straps are by far the strongest Velcro straps I have ever worked with. The 9zero7 frame has a curve in the top tube. It always interests me how bag makers accommodate these frames, especially with zipper placement. After my minor Velcro struggles, I installed the bag and it fit perfectly. DSC01872 As fitting as it may seem, the bag is all white. The large side panels are made out of VX21, as are the tube panels. The tube panels come with a padding between the Xpac and the interior Cordura 1000 fabric for frame protection. The bag also comes with 3 waterproof #8 zippers with zipper hoods, two on the drive side to access the main compartment, and one on the non-drive side that accesses a smaller pocket. The straight zippers glide smoothly and freely with the proper tension of the velcro straps. DSC01867 Taking a look inside, a velcro divider is sewn into the middle part of the bag, parallel with the ground. You can choose to keep it open or adhere the velcro to separate the bag, and access each compartment with the two associated zippers. The non-drive side pocket uses the space of the main compartment and comes with a keychain buckle to secure those important items. No wasted space, no extra weight.  DSC01870 The bag fits perfectly in the corners of the frame and it is just under 3 inches wide, ensuring a snug fit and no bulge. Wider or tapered bag widths are available upon request. The bag is rounded out with triple seemed seals with a durable polyester thread. DSC01871DSC01864 Overall the bag looks good and has worked great in the short time I have had it. For fat biking, to me, a frame bag is a must. Keeping gear off of your back, and storing all those layers and extra gear you need in the cooler temperatures. The bag will go on a few trips this spring, and I will report back with my overall thoughts. The Bar Fly Bags Custom Frame Bag ranges anywhere from $100 to $140, right now Bar Fly Bags is looking at a 1-2 week turnaround, so be sure to plan ahead.


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  2. Randy Mayfield

    Your links are old. And Barfly changed their name to Broad Forks Bags now

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