On January 2nd Lael Wilcox and Nicholas Carman introduced the Baja Divide route. A 1,700 mile mountain bike route down the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico. To celebrate this new route, Lael and Nicholas invited a group of a hundred riders to come out and ride it together. The group was an eclectic mix of freak bike fans, carbon fiber gear heads, and the casual flip flop wearing hippy. With a recommendation of 3” tires, there was a range of plus sized bikes at the start ranging from custom singlespeed 26 plus bikes, to a whole bunch of 27 plus Advocate Haydukes and 29 plus Surly’s. The best part? Some people decided to “run what they brung” with anything from trusted Surly Trolls to an old steel 26” Mongoose. Whatever they chose to ride, the inaugural Baja Divide ride was a diverse gathering of bikepackers from around the world. Below is a list of the riders we were able to catch on route.

Harry Meyer – Berkshire, MA – Jones Plus01_Harry_Meyer

Colleen Welch – Olympia, WA – Surly ECR02_Colleen_Welch

Brent Werner – Olympia, WA – Surly ECR03_Brent_Werner

Rich Lytle – Chicago, IL – Surly Krampus with Rohloff – IG: richworldtravels04_Rich_Lytle

Dylan Boyle – Sacramento, CA – Surly ECR – IG: 2rdivide05_Dylan_Boyl

Nick Newcomb – Bolinas, CA – Advocate Hayduke06_Nick_Newcomb

Leia Crosby – Portland, ME – Advocate Hayduke07_Leia_Crosby

Holly Wade – Aukland, NZ – Advocate, Hayduke – IG: hollynomates08_Holly_Wade

Joe Nicolette – Boulder, CO – Yeti SB5+09_Joe_Nicolette

Cole Paulson – Carlsbad, CA – Rocky Mountain 29er with B.O.B. trailer10_Cole

Salvadore Basurto III – FASS Bikes – IG: fassbike11_Salvadore

Chris Corral – Oakland, CA – Surly Ogre – IG: bikechris2311a_Chris_Corral

Matt Chong – Los Angeles, CA – Surly Troll – IG: mattsnapp12_Matt_Chong

Tony Allen – Anchorage, AK – Fatback 19013_Tony_Allen

Mark Davis – Anchorage, AK – Trek Stache14_Mark_Davis

Tony Berberich – Palmer, AK – Trek Stache15_Tony_Berberich

Ninja Tony!15a_NinjaTony

Pat Kelly – Westnewbury, MA – Advocate Hayduke with Lauf16_Pat_Kelly

Tim Hodkinson – London, England – Jones17_Tim_Hodkinson

Adam Kiem – Muru – Sydney, Australia18_Adam_Kiem

Darrow Jones – Minneapolis, MN – 27+ ’08 Salsa El Mariachi19_Darrow_Jones

Matt Irons – Minneapolis, MN – Surly Troll20_Matt_Irons

Andrew Magill – Minneapolis, MN – Surly KramPug21_Andrew_Magill

Chris Goodman – London, England – Jamis Dragonslayer – IG: uninspiredramblings22_Chris_Goodman

Maggie Nielsen – Moab, UT – Mongosta Negra (an old 26” Mongoose #runwhatyoubrung)23_Maggie_Nielsen

Paige Stuart – Moab, UT – Handbuilt Hardtail Paige built at UBI – IG: paigeturner224_Paige_Stuart

Rafael Millan – Salida, CO – Jamis Dragonslayer – IG: #rafaupdate25_Rafael_Millan

Jan Bennet – Dallas, TX – Cannondale Beast of the East – IG: wanderlustbybike26_Jan_Bennet

Justin Barnes – Vancouver, BC – Velo Orange Piolet – IG: eastvan_alpineclub27_Justin_Barnes

Ryan Klucker – Denver, CO – Advocate Hayduke – IG: r_kluck28_Ryan_Kuckler


  1. Just wanted to note that the IG for Jan is wunderlustbybike

    Thanks for putting these photos together! I met some seriously awesome folks out on the trail. Great people!

  2. So great to see these faces again. There is a whole nother group of awesome people still out here pedaling!

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