Content and photos by Alex Roberts It is no surprise that one requirement to being a true Berliner Weisse is that the beer must be brewed in Berlin. However, and thankfully in my opinion, there are several breweries in the United States brewing Berliner Weisse style beers. Evil Twin, in conjunction with Westbrook Brewing Company, has created a fine example of the German sour wheat beer with their Nomader Weisse. Even with an aggressive pour, the head of this beer is small and fleeting leaving the sides of the glass clear. The beer is a cloudy, strawberry blond whose opacity blocks the light and gives the beer a beautiful glow. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The nose detects fruity aromas overlaying a heavy sweetness reminiscent of Trix or Fruity Pebbles. The tartness introduces itself in the scent and prepares the drinker for a funky good time. Dig deeper and the presence of bready pilsner malts is detected combining with aromas from the yeast to give the smell of homemade dough ready for the oven. The flavor is undoubtedly dominated by the tartness/sourness of the beer. There is definitely a pucker factor, especially to the unsuspecting. The beer is very light, but a little sloshing will froth it up allowing the tart to spread all around the tongue. A hint of saltiness acts as a shore break to the wave of sourness that will flood the mouth. It hits the sides, front, and bottom before lingering on the sides of the tongue in the back of the mouth. The tartness is like a toned down lemon Warhead with a little blending of green apple. A slight hint of white sugar sweetness is discovered. As the mouth dries, the saltiness is again detected and the bready, yeasty flavors are set free. Berliner Wessie style beers are typically light and low ABV. This is no exception. At only 4% ABV, the beer is easy-drinking and welcome. The low ABV results in a low calorie count of around 100 making it great for those of us that are still a little calorie conscience after the holidays. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Germans often added a little flavored syrup (raspberry and woodruff were the most popular) to balance the sourness. This is a fun little experiment to try with this beer, and can totally change your perception of it. Unblended, this beer pairs well with a salad with vinaigrette or blue cheese dressing. Add some syrup to it, and it pairs well with the same foods as the more popular Belgian lambics such as chocolate-raspberry cake. So much for low calorie. Evil Twin Nomader Weisse comes in a six pack of trail-friendly cans. A sixer will run you about 12 to 15 bucks. If you are a fan of sour beers, or even if you are just curious about them, give this one a try. Evil Twin has nailed it. As homage to true Berliner Weisses, this beer is a great model of the Berliner Weisse style; and, like Kennedy, proudly proclaims, Ich bin ein Berliner.   Bikepacker Friendly: 8/10 Aroma: 9/10 Taste: Sour fans will give it an 8/10 Style appropriateness (Berliner Weisse style): 8/10

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