Maybe the major downfall associated with the Rohloff is the shifting and the lack of shifting options. Rohloff uses two cables to operate the gear changing mechanism, one for shifting up, and the other for shifting down. While there are duo trigger shifters out there along with grip shifters, the Rohbox by Gebla now gives you the ability to shift using standard shifters. Cycle Monkey has teamed up with Gebla to make this product readily available for your next bikepacking adventure.
For Immediate Release – Richmond, CA Cycle Monkey, the US Importer and service center for Rohloff AG, announces exclusive US distribution for the Gebla Rohbox. The Rohbox is a ratchet box for the Rohloff SPEEDHUB 500/14 internal gear hub that allows the use of mtb trigger shifters or road brake/shift levers to change gears instead of the stock Rohloff twist shifter. One shifter shifts up and the other shifter shifts down, with the user being able to select which hand shifts in which direction based on the orientation of the cables during installation. Rohbox-Montage-05 Rohbox replaces the Rohloff cable box and gets connected to any shifters where the ratchet mechanism can be disabled in the shifter. Brake levers and some dropper seatpost levers can also be connected. Made in Germany, Rohbox uses a very simple and robust ratchet design that allows the Rohloff hub to shift one or two gears per lever throw depending on lever throw. “We’ve gotten requests from mountain bikes for thumb shifters and road/cross/drop bar tourists for brake/shift lever options since I first started selling Rohloff hubs full time in 2007” said Neil Flock, owner of Cycle Monkey. “Rohbox opens up the potential for these customers to use a SPEEDHUB 500/14 and shift the way they are most comfortable.  Initial consumer reaction has been very positive!” DSC_3554 Cycle Monkey is also creating full kits for Rohbox conversion, including pre-modified shifters from SRAM and Campagnolo with cables and housing. Available with a black or silver housing, the Rohbox retails for $245 alone, and full, ready to install, kits including modified shifters range from $310 (SRAM GX) to $1,230 (SRAM Red Hydro). New SPEEDHUB 500/14 customer can choose to order their hub with one of these kits as a package. For more information, contact Cycle Monkey at or 510-868-1777.

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  1. Looking for something like this to use with my Pinion 18 gearbox – do you have any views on compatibility?

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