Some of you have done the Colorado Trail, or sections of it, but how many of you have raced it? Regardless of your knowledge of the trail, you are going to love this short that Aaron Johnson put together. The film goes into depth about why some people race, as well as Aaron’s experience during the 2016 race. The full 20+ minute film will be out in the near future, and Aaron will be submitting it to a handful of Film Festivals. Until then, check out this 2 minute teaser. 

If you would like to support Aaron, head over to his website or Facebook page. He is an extremely talented photographer and videographer. 


  1. I just wanted to put a plug in for Aaron who did much of the filming while racing, and is putting the film together in the same style as the race: Solo + Self-supported! No help or kick-back from sponsors. This is a huge undertaking. Great job, Aaron!

  2. Awesome! Looking forward to it. Aaron does such an amazing job, particularly when he does it self supported and most of his footage is taken while he is actually racing. He is making good use of drones to get some incredible aerial shots of the Colorado mountains!

  3. LOVE IT and I agree about Aarons videos as they have been making my heart skip a beat everytime for a few years now!

  4. Looks Gooood!

  5. Somebody nows when this epic Video will by out😀

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