Sours can be over the top.  Though that is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s not every day that I crave the big acidic pungency of a beer like New Belgium’s La Folie.  Berliner Weisse-style beers often fall on the other end of the sour spectrum with a refreshing tartness accentuated by lemon and lime citrus flavors.  Boulevard Brewing Company’s newest Berliner Weisse is a fine example of this mildly sour style.

Poured aggressively into a tulip glass, the golden, opaque beer shimmers under a pure white froth.  The pour also releases a funky and fresh aroma of apple, lemon, lime, and sweet citrus.  Much like champagne, the head settles rather quickly leaving only a thin layer of bubbles atop the liquid.Boulevard’s Berliner Weisse

Also champagne-like, the effervescent beer awakens the tongue with its liveliness just before a tart taste overtakes.  The front of the tongue picks up on lemon, lime, and sour apples.  The lime and sour apple awash the middle and sides of the tongue as just a hint of lightly kilned malt is detected in the background.  The back of the tongue gets a note of sweetness, but the citrus and tart flavors are still dominant.  The beer has a crisp and refreshing finish, and a lingering slight sourness that causes the mouth to salivate.

At 4.5% and 8 IBUS, this beer is refreshing, cool, and fruity.  It would be great on a warm day, but I also found it to be a perfect pairing to watching a full moon rise on a late summer evening with temperatures far below normal.

Boulevard’s Berliner Weisse is one of their newest releases in their seasonal series.  Grab a six pack while you can, and let this tart beer put a smile on your face.    



Appearance (lovely golden yellow accentuated by a snow-white head)…7/10

Aroma (assertive and fruity)…8/10

Flavor (restrained tartness and big citrus)…8/10

Style-Appropriateness (the ABV is technically beyond the BJCP Guidelines, but a fine Berliner Weisse still)…7/10

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