The Tour Divide has been at the top of my bucket list for a long time. The stars are aligning, and in 2017 I will be at the Grand Depart in Banff for the ride of a lifetime. But before then, I need to get my mind, body, and bike, ready. In order to do that, I set out with my good friend Ty Hopkins, who will also be riding the 2017 Tour Divide, to see some of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route. We began our ride in Pinedale, Wyoming, and followed the route southbound to Del Norte, Colorado. After 6 days and more than 700 miles we are both feeling excited–and glad that we have another year to prepare— for the Tour Divide.
1pinedaleThe road between Pinedale and Atlantic City rolls through the Wind River foothill country of South Pass
2greatbasinThe Great Divide Basin is big, empty, and beautiful.
3bwildhorseHerds of wild horses can be seen in the basin.
3greatbasin1The vast emptiness of the basin is both oppressive, and empowering.
4saveryA roller coaster road leads to Savery, Wyoming and the Colorado border.
5sandmountainpassAfter a few days in basin country, the aspen forests at the Colorado border are a welcome sight
6steamboatThe road out of Steamboat Springs is some of the best riding on the Colorado segment of the GDMBR.
7stagecoachparkThere’s even a little bit of friendly singletrack en route to Lynx Pass.
8rockcreekstageBuilt in 1880, the Rock Creek stage stop was an important place of commerce and communication for rocky mountain travelers.
9radiumWildflowers painted the hills above Radium and the Colorado River near Gore Canyon.
10utepassAs the sun dropped, a massive storm rolled over Ute Pass.
11boreasBreakfast at a snow-free Boreas Pass.
12comoAt Como, the GDMBR leaves the mountains behind and begins a long traverse through the Colorado high plains.
13outsidecomoThe mountains are always looming in the distance, even through the plains of central Colorado.
14HartselA settlers cabin on the outskirts of Hartsel, CO.
15abovesalidaAfter miles of high, empty plains, the route climbs back into the mountains en route to Salida, CO
16marshallpassThe only good thing about a rain storm is watching it break on the 14,000 foot peaks near Marshall Pass.
17CochetopaPassThe GDMBR follows the wagon ruts of the historic stage route over Cochetopa Pass.
18GunnisonThe road rolls through the Gunnison National Forest.
19CaneroPassAfter climbing through dry scrubland and juniper forests, the GDMBR gains the aspen forests of Canero Pass. Next stop, Del Norte!
20DelNorteChallenging trail conditions and a headwind made the last 20 miles into Del Norte a slog. But the terrain is interesting, and the pull of ice cream and burgers is strong.
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  1. Jake Riehle

    Great set! I hated that last turn away from del norte and through the river bed but everything else in here was some of my favorite memories of the route.

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