Stem bags are designed for easy-to-access items without getting off of your bike. They fit on the stem and handlebar junction and are typically circular in shape. Many stem bags have three connection points; on the stem, the handlebar and fork crown to ensure a stable fit. A number of stem bags work together with handlebar bag systems, to save strap space in your cockpit. Stem bags are great for winter riding to keep your water bottle insulated, for snacks in the summer, or anything else you might need on day rides.

Bag Manufacturers

*All prices are noted in the currency of the company origin. To convert currency, please follow this link. All prices are base or fixed prices, bags may be more expensive than listed.
CompanyLocationBag NamePriceCoverage
AlpKitUnited KingdomStem Cell£18Alpkit Field Testing Part One: Bike Luggage
Andrew The MakerMissouri, USASnack Sack$45
Barking Bear Bag WorksMichaigan, USADouble Deuce / 40oz$30 / $35
Bedrock BagsColorado, USAWingate Stem Bag / Tapeats To-Go Bag$39 / $49Review: Tapeats To-Go Bag
Bike Bag DudeAustraliaChaff Bags$60 AUD
BurgfyrGermanyBug Out Bag€25
Defiant PackColorado, USAGeissler Wide Bottlebag & Lost Man Bottlebags$34
Carsick DesignsCalifornia, USAGoodie Bag$31
Conquer Bikepacking BagsThailandBottle Bag
Durango Sewing SolutionsColorado, USAHandlebar Buckets$37
BikepackPolandRepak Medium / Large295 zł / 225 zł
JPaksColorado, USARukSak$110 / $150
Nuke SunriseTexas, USASilo$35Review: Nuke Sunrise Silo
Randi Jo Fabrications Oregon, USABartender Bag$34
Revelate DesignsAlaska, USAMountain Feedbag$35
Rock GeistNorth Carolina, USATrillium Honey Pot$39
Spok WerksSwitzerlandCookie Jar€40Review: Spok Werks Cookie Jar
Stealth Bike BagsNew ZealandStem Pouch$60 NZD
Wanderlust Virginia, USARattlesnake Stem Bag

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  2. AlpKit also makes a Stem Cell XL, much larger than the Stem Cell, one of the few bags, IMHO, which better utilizes the expanse of room around the stem and bar. Something to pair up with their Fuel Pod Large [gas tank].

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