The frame bag can hold a number of things including, water, clothes, food and your cook set. Frame bags center the weight on your bike which gives you a more stable and reliable feel. There are a number of different types of frame bags. Some companies make standard or half sizes while others make custom frame bags to fit both hardtail and full suspension bikes. Custom frame bags are made to fit your specific bike, no matter the shape or size. A few unique features that you may see are special zipper placement, zipperless designs, and bags built around a water bottle or rear shock. Many bag manufactures will ask you for a template. This is basically a cardboard or paper cutout of the frame and the obstructions that may interfere with the bag design. Contact your bag manufacturer for more information regarding a custom bag, almost all of the bag makers below do custom frame bags.

Bag Manufacturers

*All prices are noted in the currency of the company origin. To convert currency, please follow this link. All prices are base or fixed prices, bags may be more expensive than listed.
CompanyLocationBag NamePriceCoverage
AlpKitUnited KingdomPossum / Stingray£50 / £65Alpkit Field Testing Part One: Bike Luggage
Alpine LudditesColorado, USACustom Frame Bag$120
Andrew The MakerMissouri, USAFrame Bag: Half / Full$160 / $220
ApiduraUnited KingdomFrame Pack: Road / Mountain£60.00 / £65.00
Banjo BrothersMinnesota, USAFrame Pack: S / M / L$32.99 / $34.99 / $39.99
BarFly BagsUtah, USAFrame Pack: Half / Full$75 / $110First Look: BarFly Bags Custom Frame Bag
Barking Bear Bag WorksMichaigan, USACustom Frame Bag$120
Becker Sewing Alaska, USACustom Frame Bag$135Review: Becker Custom Frame Bag
Bedrock BagsColorado, USACustom Frame Bag$150
BeerBabe'sUnited KingdomInner Tube Custom Frame Bag£80
Bike Bag DudeAustraliaHalf Frame Bags / Full $200 AU / $240 AUReview: BIke Bag Dude Custom Frame Bag
Bike-BagUnited KingdomStandard Bags£41.50
BikepackPolandFrameBag329 PLN
Blackburn DesignCalifornia, USAOutpost Frame Bag: M / L$59.99 / $64.99
Bolder Bikepacking GearColorado, USAFrame Packs$75Site Visit : Bolder Bikepacking Gear
BurgfyrGermanySlotbag: M&L / XL / Custom€85 / €90 / €110
Cleaveland Mountaineering Colorado, USACustom Frame Bags$110
Conquer Bikepacking BagsThailandFrame Bag
Crater PacksColorado, USACustom Frame Bag$125Review: Crater Packs Custom Frame Bag
Defiant PackColorado, USACustom Zipperless Frame Bag$160First Look
FairweatherJapanCorner Bag / Frame bag$49 / $77
Get StashersCalifornia, USAThe Tube Top S / M$19.99 / $24.99
GiantTaiwanScout Bikepacking Frame Bag: Half / Full$75 / $85
Gryphon WorkshopWashington, USACustom Frame Bag
Gupgum GearMinnesota, USAHalfbag / Fullbag$100 / $120
Hamilton ThreadworksUtah, USAHalf / Full Frame bag$60 / $150
InuvikSpainColgona / Triangle / Flexible€100 / €130 / €165
JPaksColorado, USAHalfpak / Framepak$150 / $180
Lone Peak PacksUtah, USAFrame Bag Large$79.95
Migration Bicycle SupplyCalifornia, USACustom Frame Bag$125
Miss GrapeItalyInternode€97,00
Notnee BikepackingRussiaFrame Bag1750 RUB
Nuke SunriseTexas, USACustom Frame bag
Oveja Negra Colorado, USAThe 1/2 Pack: M / L$75 / $80Review: Oveja Negra Custom Framebag
Phantom Pack SystemsNew Brunswick, Canada Custom Frame Bag$115 CAD
Porcelain RocketAlberta, CanadaCustom Frame bags$160
RestrapUnited Kingdom#CarryEverything - Frame bag S/M/L£39.99 / £49.99 / £59.99MRestrap – Carry Everything Bags
Revelate DesignsAlaska, USATangle / Ranger / Ripio$90 / $160 / $165Video: Revelate Designs Tangle
Rock GeistNorth Carolina, USAFlyrock Partial Frame Bag / Mudlust Full Frame Bag$70 / $95
Rogue Panda DesignArizona, USAPartial Frame Bag / Frame bag$75 / $95Video: Arizona Flag Framebag Timelapse
Spok WerksSwitzerland6 Pack / 12 Pack€120 / €150
Stealth Bike BagsNew ZealandHalf Frame / Full Frame$130 NZD / $150 NZD
Switchback BikebagsColorado, USACustom Frame Bag$99
Ural TourRussiaCustom Frame Bag$40
Wildcat GearUnited KingdomOcelot / Leopard Series£65 / £90
Wanderlust Equipment JapanBlade Frame Bag¥8,800
Wanderlust Virginia, USADivide Frame Bag$125Review: Gear Bag Review

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