Last week we posted the first installment of Michale Duffey’s bikepacking trip around Asia. Seize the Moment was the prelude to what is sure to be an amazing bikepacking adventure.  Here is a tentative itinerary of Michael’s trip.  China: Arrive in China and meet up with a Chinese family for their new year near Hangzhu from Chengdu Sichuan which is on the eastern side of Provence. He will then Circle Sichuan and drop through to Lijiang to Laos. SE Asia: He will cross Laos to Vietnam near Hanoi, down to Saigon and through Cambodia to Thailand and finally to Malaysia. Depending on a lot of factors this should take all of April and May if it works out. Michael plans to return home sometime around late May, early June. The whole trip will of course be dependent on factors outside of his control, so somethings may work and I’m sure something’s won’t, but its guaranteed to be a great adventure. Below is the list of gear that Michael will be taking with him. Winter gear
  • Sugoi Midzero bib knicker with knee windstoper
  • Sugoi Midzero winter glove
  • Sugoi 290 merino fleece jersey
  • Sugoi 150 long sleeve thermal and short sleeve theremal
  • Sugoi Crew winter weight sock
  • Sugoi Resistor sock
  • Sugoi Event jacket
  • Sugoi 290 beanie
  • Sea to Summit McIII sleeping bag
  • Sea To Summit Thermal reactor liner
  • SOL Escape emergency bivy
SE Asia list:
  • Tarp Tent
  • Exped pillow
  • Therm-a-rest long inflatable mattress Neo Air
  • Toiletires including DEET sunscreen and mozzie repellant
  • Sugoi Viper short
  • Sugoi liner shorts X 2
  • Craghoppers short sleeve shirt
  • Columbia long sleeve shirt  x 2
  • Sugoi merino light weight sock
  • Keen sandals
  • Teva shoes
  • Cotton liner
Spares for bike:
  • Tube
  • Repair kit
  • Tire levers
  • Wheels emergency hanger
  • Brake pads
  • Chain links
Bike Bag Dude:
  • Frame bag
  • Bar roll
  • Bike bag
  • Oveja Negra Top tube front and rear fuel tank sling for bar roll
  • Carousel saddle bag
  • Sea to Summit emergency dry bag backpack
  • Nikon camera shock proof water proof
  • Camelbak Allclear UV water purification bottle
  • Garmin eTrex 30 with useless SE Asia maps 🙂
  • Lonely Planet SE Asia on a shoe string also not that correct
Stay tuned for the next installment of Michael’s adventure.

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