Yari brings us into a different area of Italy, Vigone. Vigone is a small town 30KM from Turin, which is close to 1 million people. But with the beautiful Alps in the background, plains and river sides, you wouldn’t know that. In classic fashion Yari brought his dog, Cherie, along with his Mad Fat bike and Miss Grape bikepacking bags. Yari does a great job of doing all of the videography and capturing some amazing shots. Check out a selection of his photos below, and check out his website if you get the chance. The full story can be read over at Bikepacking.IT

If you missed Yari’s other two days of bikepacking check them out below.

Day 1 | Day 2 Bikepacking Day 1 Bikepacking Day 2

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  1. Great video. Keep them coming. I’m doing a quick, solo, >24 H ON tomorrow, and this video was just the push I needed, the final encouragement, to go do it! So, thanks for that! BTW–do you have any idea how much gear weight you rode with; particularly the pack? Just curious. Interested in trying to keep weight down without cutting into safety and comfort. Again, great video!

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