As the innovation and evolution of bikepacking unfolds, it seems like more companies are thinking outside of the box. Manufactures have come up with bags to connect on down tubes, cargo cages, as well as designing bags for unique handlebars and more. This innovation helps bikepackers carry more gear, which can aid in winter travel, or living a bit more comfortably on the trail in any season. As the lightweight bag industry progresses, we will certainly see more of these accessory bags being developed.

Bag Manufacturers

*All prices are noted in the currency of the company origin. To convert currency, please follow this link. All prices are base or fixed prices, bags may be more expensive than listed.

CompanyLocationBag NamePriceCoverage
Andrew The MakerMissouri, USAGoodtimer Fanny Pack$65
BarFly BagsUtah, USAJones Bannana Hammock$60
Bedrock BagsColorado, USAHonaker Hydro Pack$45
Bike Bag DudeAustralia Anything Cage Bags$90 AUD
Cleaveland Mountaineering Colorado, USAEverything Bag$50Anything Cage vs. Everything Bag
Gupgum GearMinnesota, USABottle Cage Coozies$25
JPaksColorado, USAManything Pak$25
Miss GrapeItalyTrunk€42
Porcelain RocketAlberta, CanadaAnything Bags / Mini Slinger / DSLR Slinger$110/ $140 / $150Review: Anything Cage Bag
Randi Jo Fabrications Oregon, USABig M.U.T.$42
Revelate DesignsAlaska, USASpoket / Jones H-Bar Pack$20 / $98
Rogue Panda DesignArizona, USAOracle Downtube Bag$40
Salsa CyclesMinnesota, USAAnything Bag$32
Spok WerksSwitzerlandRain Coat / Winter Coat€40 / €50
Stealth Bike BagsNew ZealandTripple Boss Holster Set$120 NZD
Switchback BikebagsColorado, USADry Bag For Anything Cage$29
Wildcat GearUnited KingdomTom Cat (Jones bar Bag)£45
Wanderlust Virginia, USAMonida Insulated Bag$47

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