Beulah, a collaborative film between Pannier and Brother Cycles, follows their unsupported cycle trip to explore the Cape Wrath track; a journey inspired by a 1970s OS Map Sheet of the most north-westerly part of Scotland.

For a Journal piece on the trip, including route map, all the photography, and additional information see:

Pannier |
Brother Cycles |


Filmed and edited by Luke Francis |

Soundtrack by James Lucas |

Photography by Jordan Gibbons |


  1. Well done fellas . Lots if the world to explore . I need to get back on my bike .. from South Australia do the Flinders Ranges

  2. Bonnie Gagnon

    This is so cool! A dream come true for those of us with like passions.

  3. Hi – do you have a gpx of the route? Cheers

  4. Payton MacDonald

    Wonderful trip and beautiful video. Nice work, gents.

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