There is nothing that makes me crave a good sudsy, malty beverage more than a satisfying ride. The fall seasonal beers this year have been top notch and we have found a few notable brews for afternoon drinking after dismounting your bike. One that has been available nation wide is the Sierra Nevada Tumbler Autumn Brown Ale. As we have said before, Sierra Nevada has been pumping out quality beer since 1979.  I have yet to have a beer brewed by them that I don’t like. This dark and nutty libation is chock full of freshly roasted malt straight from the kiln.  It has a very smooth flavor, almost similar to a nitro, and finishes with a slight bitterness. Their take on the classic brown ale, Tumbler has a hint of chocolate and smoke – as well as some caramel notes. The ale is dark, yet has a medium body which is perfect for enjoying any time of the day.
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Tumbler is a refreshing brown ale with unique flavors to boot. The ale pairs well with baked ham, roast pork, and smoked salmon. If you are not a carnivore, the Tumbler pairs best with a rich smoky gouda. It would also pair well with a funky halloween costume while tumbling on your bicycle. The Tumbler is available as a part of the Sierra Nevada Fall Pack sampler, paired with the Pale Ale, Oktoberfest, and Vienna. ABV: 5.5% Value: $15.99 for a variety pack

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  1. BEST. MIXPACK. OUT. NOW. I’m currently enjoying the Oktoberfest, my husband the Brown. These are four outstanding beers, perfect for autumn.

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